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July 23, 2019

Expectations that the European Central Bank and Fe ...

July 23, 2019

China's Huawei Technologies laid off more tha ...

July 23, 2019

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, the Chinese company pu ...

July 23, 2019

Oil prices inched lower on Tuesday as the Internat ...

July 23, 2019

Credit-reporting company Equifax Inc will pay up t ...

July 23, 2019

Consumers affected by the massive Equifax Inc data ...

July 23, 2019

U.S. President Donald Trump met on Monday with the ...

About Us.

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Who We Are:
Delaware Newsline is a digital Delaware News Organization that provides local and national breaking news content to its Delaware and U.S. audience, by utilizing multiple platforms including web, social media, and video.

Our Focus:
Delaware Newsline is focused on growing it’s audience and enabling journalists to become successful entrepreneurs. Our platform provides technology, audience development, publishing, monetization, and a unique partnership with contributors to build long-term value.

Our Mission
To consistently deliver breaking news from Delaware and surrounding areas in a news broadcast style. To increase civic participation by giving citizens the knowledge and in-depth analysis necessary to become advocates for good government and social progress.

Our Vision
Delaware Newsline endeavors to share stories that challenge dominant narratives, bring context and nuance to complex issues, and support and uplift communities in need.

Voice Of Delaware:
Most importantly, Delaware Newsline gives concerned citizens the tools to engage in important conversations about their community. We are building a community of educated Delawareans who dare to ask tough questions and demand answers.

We’re always looking to partner with new journalists, bloggers and media entrepreneurs. Feel free to contact us.

Delaware Newsline delivers the news and perspective you need without the bias common to many news sources, that’s why we strive to connect with our communities, and give them the top stories from in and around Delaware.

Visitors experience comprehensive, convenient news and information from through interactive features, info graphics, and multi-media functions including audio, video, blogs, podcasts and live Webcasts.

We believe Delaware Newsline needs to be a space for people from U.S. communities to tell their own stories from their own perspectives.

Delaware Newsline endeavors to share stories that challenge dominant narratives, bring context and nuance to complex issues, and support and uplift communities in need.

In addition to national breaking news, we look for stories featuring communities who have historically been oppressed in society and kept out of mainstream media, such as people of color, LGBTQIA, immigrant, indigenous, refugee, youth, differently-abled, feminist/womanist, ex-offender and low-income communities.

There is room on our platform for mission–friendly work that comes from allies to community voices—and we welcome that. But such work needs to forward the conversation beyond the realities communities deal with every day.

We are looking for more contributors–writers, photographers, artists, videographers and audio producers–to join us on this mission.

Delaware Newsline is independently published by George Shea, a Delaware Photojournalist. George has years of newspaper experience with a unique background in business, transportation, operations, finance, and compliance.

Delaware Newsline is headquartered in Delaware and we don’t answer to stockholders, a corporate parent company, or a deep-pocketed donor. Instead we’re accountable to, and funded by, you—our readers. Since we’re independent, we strive to provide content to our viewers on a daily basis.

You can help with this mission with a generous donation. Donations covers daily operational costs, equipment maintenance and repairs, and to help cover cost of reporters, photographers, and vidographers.

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Our Platform.

web, social media, and video

Delaware Newsline strives to be radically engaged in its communities. delivers news and information via e-mail and web with products such as Breaking News alerts, weather, traffic, sports, life, health, and daily briefings from News. also offers RSS feeds (free of charge) for news and video content. More importantly,’s content can be accessed from any mobile device.

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