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Beautiful City Initiative tree limb removal collection is Saturday, here’s what you need to...

Wilmington’s Beautiful City Initiative Continues with a Special Citywide Tree Limb Collection Event on Saturday Wilmington (DE): Wilmington’s Beautiful City Campaign—a four-year effort to keep City streets and neighborhoods cleaner and more beautiful—continues this Saturday,...

Beach Parking Meters back in full swing May 30th

As much as we may hate it, the city of Rehoboth Beach announced that parking meters and permits will be effective starting May 30th. Rehoboth Beach (DE): The City of Rehoboth Beach parking meters and...

As Reopen Delaware continue their protests against Governor Carney, many question the groups message

The stay-at-home wars have begun all over the United States. The battle began in Lansing, Michigan and has evolved in many cities across the country, but what was the real message when governors had...

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