Wawa Grand Openings, What You Didn’t Know

Recently a new Super Wawa opened on Naamans Road in Wilmington. You’re probably already wondering what makes a Wawa “Super”, I’ll explain in a minute, but first, did you know that Wawa has opened 3 new stores in this quarter alone (4th), and plan on opening 5 more before the end of this year just in the Northeast?

With a net worth of over 8.46 billion, it makes you wonder how many new stores from the first three quarters they opened within the Northeast. Wow! That’s a lot of grand openings. They’ve also remodeled over 13 stores nationwide just in this year alone. Talk about remodeling expenses, and Wawa doesn’t plan to stop any time soon.

Company officials say they plan to continue extending their footprint from New York to Miami in a growth cycle that company officials anticipate will remain for some time to come.

In 2013, Wawa’s Net worth was over 8.46 Billion

Aside from Wawa grand openings, they also hold a pre-opening celebration for employees, family, and friends, where hundreds of dollars are spent at each store scheduled to open, one day in advance, kicking off the celebration with music, raffle tickets, sample food items such as hoagies, baked goods, fountain drinks, specialty beverages, and coffee drinks, all served by employees of other Wawa’s who come in to help out while the new store employees enjoy the pre-opening celebration. Wawa corporate staff help kick off the event including the arrival of the Wawa mascot, Wally, who you can get a free picture with, and a corporate speaker to keep the crowd riled up throughout the event.

So, what makes a Wawa so “Super”? A Wawa Super Store is just a fancy name to identify a Wawa with fuel pumps, and a much larger in-store space and property. Think of it the same as Walmart, when Walmart opens a “Super Walmart”, They’re pretty much saying, “hey, we have a bigger store and a grocery section”

I recently visited the new Wawa on Naamans Road on opening day. It was an amazing grand opening event, and in case you’ve never been to a Wawa grand opening, the best attraction is the free coffee. That’s right and it’s free all day long.

While attending this grand opening, I couldn’t help but to notice the amount of people waiting to pull up to pumps, and the enourmous amount of traffic coming and going. Employees were assisting customers everywhere, even outside, I saw employees greeting customers and opening doors for them, so yea, you’ve guessed it right, Wawa stands behind their name. They seriously mean customer service.

About Wawa: Wawa Inc., a privately-held chain of convenience store / gas stations with nearly 700 locations along the East Coast of the United States. Learn more at www.wawa.com

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