“Not My President” Protests Erupts Across America

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Video: AP

The response America received 24 hours following Trumps White House win was not a pleasant one as thousands took to the streets across America to voice their displeasure with the new president-elect.

As early as Tuesday 5:00 P.M. EST, protests began taking place all across America, but mostly in big cities that are pro-Clinton states such as Boston, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Washington, Baltimore, and New York. They were also reported at many colleges and universities in CA, MA, and PA.

The demonstrations were fueled by social media and continued for several days and for the most part, they remained peaceful.

Protesters shouted angry slogans and “not my president”, and burned effigies as they marched.

In Philadelphia, a rally was organized by “Women of color” and “survivors of sexual assault” at City Hall around 5:00 P.M. where at least a thousand protestors gathered. According to SEPTA chief Thomas J. Nestel, the gathering remained peaceful and lawful. However, there were major traffic delays in center city.

At 7 P.M., in Oakland, Ca, the crowd grew from 3,000 to 6,000 protesters within an hour. The situation was tense and by late Wednesday protestors began setting small street fires and damaging property. Police in riot gear were called in and at least one officer was injured.

In Los Angles, Ca, police was called out to a section of Highway 101 to disburse hundreds of people who swarmed across the freeway. Protesters also burned a Trump effigy at city hall.

In New York City, Protesters converged on Trump Towers at Fifth Avenue and 56th Street in Manhattan, where the president-elect lives. Demonstrators chanted, “Not my president”, “New York hates Trump”, signs were also seen being carried by the demonstrators. One read, “Dump Trump”. Police said 15 protestors were arrested.

In all the country-wide protests, the demonstrations forced streets to be closed, snarled traffic for hours, and drew large police presence.

Trumps election was not supposed to happen; we’re living in a country that’s supposed to be united. It’s exposing all the underground racists and sexists, said, Bianca Rivera of East Harlem.


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