Delaware Presidential Election Results

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It’s finally here. Delawareans voted in the first state on Election Day 2016, and the results are in.

In Delaware there were three Electoral votes at stake for the presidential race. Electorate Delaware have voted for every winning president from 1952 to 1996. Because of this, Delaware holds the longest streak of any other state. Unfortunately, this ended in 2000 when Delawareans started becoming more Democratic than the national average.

Delaware is known as the “First State” because it was the first state to ratify the constitution. This means Delaware was the first of the 13 states to join the Union, and ratified the Constitution in December 1787.

The Facts:

    • In New Castle County, 162,905 Delawareans voted for Clinton (D), while 85,507 voted for Trump (R). This put Clinton (D) at 62% of New Castle County’s total votes, and Trump at 32%
    • In Kent County, 36,989 Delawareans voted for Trump (R), while 33,347 voted for Clinton (D). This put Trump (R) at 49% of Kent county total votes, and Clinton at 44%
  • In Sussex County, 62,607 Delawareans voted for Trump (R), while 39,329 voted for Clinton (D). This put Trump (R) at 59% of Sussex county total votes, and Clinton at 37%

The bottom line is, Clinton won 53% of Delaware total votes ringing in 235,581 votes, and Trump at 185,103 at 42%

[wp_progress_bar text=”Clinton (D) 235,581″ pc=”53%”][wp_progress_bar text=”Trump (R) 185,103″ pc=”42%”][wp_progress_bar text=”Other” pc=”4%”]

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