Wilmington man arrested after attempting to elude police at traffic stop

Delaware State Police say they have arrested a Wilmington man after he was found to be in possession of a handgun during a traffic stop near Newark.

Stanton: On Wednesday, January 18, 2016 at approximately 11:24 p.m., members of the Governor’s Task Force (G.T.F.) were on patrol in the area of DE Rt. 4 and DE Rt. 7, Stanton. According to police spokesman, Master Corporal Jeffrey R. Hale, It was at this time that the task force members observed a black Infinity M35 commit several traffic violations.

Photo By Delaware State Police

A traffic stop of the vehicle was then conducted on DE Rt. 7 just south of DE Rt. 4. As G.T.F. members made contact with the operator of the car, later identified as Darrin L. Burns, 39, of Wilmington. While they were talking to Burns, they observed a small plastic bag which appeared to contain marijuana in plain view on the front passenger seat of the car. They then asked Burns to exit the car at which time a pat down search of him was conducted. Police say during the search approximately $1,400.00 in suspected drug sale proceeds was located in his pants pocket.

Unit members then began conducting a search of the Infinity. As the search was in process, Burns attempted to flee from the G.T.F. members and in doing so, jumped over a jersey barrier located on the west edge of the roadway. As a result of jumping over the barrier, Burns fell approximately 20 feet to the ground below which caused him to injure himself. G.T.F. members were then able to take him into custody.

Darrin Burns was removed from the scene by ambulance and transported to the Christiana Hospital where he was admitted with non-life threatening injuries.

Police then put their attention back on the search of the black Infinity M35 , G.T.F., where members located a loaded Highpoint C9 Luger handgun hidden in the trunk of the car. Following the search, members then obtained a search warrant for Burns’ residence located in the 2100 block of Larson Avenue, Wilmington. As a result of the search of the home, a .45 caliber Judge handgun and ammunition, as well as 270 grams of marijuana packaged for sale were located. A computer check revealed that the handgun had been reported as stolen in 2015.

G.T.F. members obtained a warrant charging Darrin Burns, who is currently on federal probation, with Carrying a Concealed Deadly Weapon, 2 counts of Possession of a Firearm by a Person Prohibited, Possession of a Stolen Firearm, Possession of Ammunition by a Person Prohibited, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Marijuana in a Tier 1 Quantity, Possession with the Intent to Deliver Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Resisting Arrest. He was arraigned at the Christiana Hospital and issued a $64,001.00 cash bail. Burns will be transported to the Howard R. Young Correctional Institution upon his release from the Christiana Hospital.

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