State Police recognizes individual K9 unit Vest contributions

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A K9 ballistic Vest can cost as much as $1,500.00 per K9 officer and was all possible with the help of six Delaware citizens who were recognized for their individual contributions that made that possible.

DOVER (DE): Colonel Nathaniel McQueen Jr., the Superintendent of the Delaware State Police, along with the Delaware State Police K9 Unit recognized the individuals that have made contributions to the K9 Unit this past year.

According to police spokeswoman, Melissa Jaffe, In 2017, the unit raised over $10,000 to purchase ballistic vests for DSP K9s. The cost of one vest ranges from $1,000 – $1,500, depending on the level protection and customization of the vest.

Through all of the support and contributions this year, the unit was able to purchase seven new vests to outfit their K9s! The vests are crucial to the dog’s safety when responding to potentially lethal incidents, and they will help protect the K9s from gunshots, stabbings, explosives, and blunt force trauma.

The Delaware State Police K9 Unit is extremely thankful for all the assistance and support they have received to help keep their partners safe! said McQueen Jr

Those who contributed to the K9 Unit fund for the purchase of these new vests included:

Brennen Wright a student at Appoquinimink High School. As part of his senior project, he raised funds along with Valerie DeLisle of the DeLisle K9 Officer Safety Foundation to donate ballistic vests for different police departments throughout the state of Delaware. The Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware donated to Brennen’s project for a vest to specifically be given to DSP. Another vest that was donated this year was in memory of Sergeant Rodney H. Bond Jr.

Ken and Annmarie Kowrach supported the K9 Unit to show thanks and appreciation on behalf of one of our graduating handlers, Cpl/1 Brian Page (Troop 7).

Heather Stuttard made a donation to the K9 Unit in memory of her beloved German Shepherd, Zak. She has also made a second donation in memory of her mother, Diane Stuttard, who recently passed away.

Rich DeZao of the St. Polycarps Squire Circle has made annual donations to the K9 Unit for the purchase of ballistic vests. The Squires have also conducted fundraisers at their church in order to support the Unit.

Crystal Rau conducted a fundraiser earlier in the year specifically to contribute to the purchase of the new vests.


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