Greased up poles didn’t stop fans from climbing them following Eagles win

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Now comes the time in the night where we must warn everyone about the dangers of Saturated Fats. Cheers for #Foles! Jeers for #Poles! It’s a long way down, baby. Celebrate responsibly!, tweeted Phila Police.

PHILA (PA): Earlier in the day Philadelphia Police tweeted that the “Crisco Police” was greasing up poles in an attempt to stop fans from climbing them should the Eagles win the NFC Championship game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Earlier in the day, Philadelphia’s Crisco police began greasing up the poles in South Philadelphia so fans can’t climb them after the game.

However, after the Eagles defeated the Vikings 37-7, the greased up poles didn’t work.

However, when the Eagles defeated the Vikings 37-7 thousands pored into the streets of South Philly to celebrate and the greased up poles didn’t work:


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