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No injuries in Reedy Point boating accident that sank a 58′ Hatteras

Six people including it’s operator of a 58′ Hatteras are lucky to be alive after their vessel struck the Reedy Island Jetty Tuesday evening.

REEDY POINT (DE): Fish & Wildlife & Natural Resource Police in New Castle County are investigating a boat accident that occurred Tuesday evening. Officers responded to the Delaware River, after receiving reports that a 58′ Hatteras struck the Reedy Island Jetty. The six passengers on board were rescued without injury.

Officials say, “The US Coast Guard has sent a marine safety broadcast issuing a slow no wake zone for salvage operations at Reedy Island dike. Our officers are on scene to ensure safe boating.”

In a Wednesday evening release from a Fish & Wildlife & Natural Resource Police officer, “Salvage operations of the vessel will hopefully happen tomorrow and the company who will be responsible for the salvage operation will have to bring in a barge and crane to recover the vessel. Vessel traffic will continue to be restricted in the area.” however in Thursday morning email from police spokeswoman, Brooke Africa, salvage operations of the vessel has not yet begun.

“A 58′ Hatteras was traveling south in the Delaware River shipping channel after leaving the C&D Canal. After passing Reedy Island the operator decided to turn west to anchor & shelter behind the island for the night. The wind & seas picked up due to a storm coming in from the west so the operator cut across the Reddy Island Jetty, striking it and immediately started taking on water. There were no injuries and the accident is under investigation. They haven’t started any salvage operations at this time.”, Africa said.

How to avoid distracted boating:

Delaware Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police remind boaters to always be safe on the waters by addressing distracted boating and improper lookouts.

Inattentive operation of a vessel in Delaware includes both distracted boating and improper lookouts. We urge boaters to put down their electronics, talk to your passengers about a distraction-free ride, and watch for other boaters and swimmers around you. Any vessel operator who fails to give their full time and attention to the operation of the vessel or fails to maintain a proper lookout while operating the vessel will be found guilty of inattentive operation.

Some other ways to avoid distracted boating and improper lookouts include:

• Eat before you go! Focus becomes divided when you have one hand on the helm and one on your meal.
• Have a passenger handle adjusting the music so you as the operator are not worrying about changing the stations to find the best song!
• Assign a passenger to be an additional lookout as waterways can become congested. Having another pair of eyes for other vessels and people in the water is always beneficial.
• Make sure there is always another person on board who can operate the vessel safely and legally in case you become fatigued from all the sun and fun.
• Never drink and boat.

To report boating and fisheries violations please call the Delaware Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police 24hour dispatch line at: 302-739-4580 or 1-800-523-3336.

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