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Two New Castle County Paramedics Promoted At Ceremony This Morning



NEW CASTLE (DE): Two New Castle County Paramedics received promotions Wednesday morning at a ceremony held at the New Castle County Public Safety building in New Castle, Delaware.

The mission of the New Castle County Emergency Medical Services Division, as an essential component of the New Castle County Government, is to provide efficient, compassionate, and high quality emergency medical care to the visitors and residents within New Castle County. Our delivery of paramedic service directly impacts the quality of life for all who reside, visit, and work in New Castle County.

New Castle County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) was the first paramedic service in the first state, and they celebrated their 30th anniversary of advanced life support delivery in 2005. In December 2009, the New Castle County Paramedics became the first EMS agency in Delaware, and the first ALS-intercept agency to achieve national accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS).

New Castle County EMS is a multi-jurisdictional county municipal paramedic service covering the entire 437 square miles and over 552,778 residents of New Castle County. We are proud of the men and women of the agency who exemplify their commitment to Excellence in Service each and every day while responding to over 36,966 incidents a year.

“New Castle County Paramedics was actually the first Paramedic service in Delaware so we refer ourselves as the first paramedics in the first state. We actually started paramedic services as early as the mid 1970’s, but we’re also the first paramedic service to obtain national accreditation, so to become nationally accredited, as of December of this year, it will be our 10th anniversary of continuous accreditation.”, explains Lawrence E. Tan, Chief  of EMS.

“In order to be continuous nationally accredited, you have to meet over 100 different standards that are deemed substantial to modern emergency medical service. There’s less than one half of 1% of the services in the United States that archives that level of certification through the commission of accreditation of services, so it’s a big issue. It validates to the public that we meet the goal standards for modern emergency medical services.”, Said Tan.

Tan explained, “Today, we’re celebrating the promotions of two people who are in key positions within our agency. Front line supervision as well as shift supervision and in order to maintain that level of service – that level of accreditation in the nation, these are critical positions within our agency and it falls on them to maintain that level of excellence that the public come to expect and deserve.”

Because of the hard work of our personnel is doing on the streets everyday, taking care of the people who become suddenly sick or injured that we are able to achieve and maintain that level of accreditation. , Chief Lawrence E. Tan, NCC EMS

At the ceremony, the two paramedics were not only promoted but also recognized for their years of service and dedication to the citizens of New Castle County, Delaware. One of those paramedics was SGT. Mathew Watson who not only resides but also stationed in Middletown, providing emergency medical services to the citizens in a community in which he is a part of.

Watson has spent the past 24 years as a New Castle County Paramedic. He was hired in 1991 and have been recognized numerous times for his dedication and performance. During his tenure, he has received one letter of accommodation, one certificate of appreciation, a special citation, three unit level accommodations, three distinguished unit citations, one accommodation of merit, and seven cardiac survival citations. A field trainer and community participant, Watson was promoted to corporal in 2004 and senior corporal in 2015. Watson lives in Middletown with his wife and two children.

“I joined the fire service back in 1989 and took an interest in ambulance service and after riding in the ambulance and taking ambulance courses, and getting that experience, I met a lot of paramedics, and realized it was something I wanted to do.”, said Watson.

Also promoted was LT. Donald Lee Morris who has been a paramedic for the past 28 years. Morris was hired as a paramedic student and attended the medical center of Delaware paramedic training program in 1991. Morris received his certification in 1992 and was promoted to paramedic corporal in 2004. In 2015, Morris was promoted to Paramedic Sergeant in 2015, and Lieutenant in 2018. During his time as a paramedic, Morris, has initiated a number of community services with various youth groups.

Morris is a certified CPR and advanced cardiac arrest instructor and is also a graduate of Delaware Technical and Community College of Applied Science of Emergency Services and Emergency Management.

During his tenure, he has received 20 complimentary letters from the public, three unit level accommodations, three merit service awards from the New Castle County Fire Chiefs Association and New Castle County Volunteer Firefighter’s Association, one life saving award from the New Castle County Fire Chiefs Association and New Castle County Volunteer Firefighter’s Association, a distinguished unit citation, and one accommodation of heroism.

“In high school, I thought about a career in medicine, I desired to have a career that I could give back to the community and help people. I’m just happy to be a part of this agency and try to be in position to provide support for people that I work with.”, said Morris.

Morris resides in Middletown with his wife and five children.

“It’s important to know that there’s no technology and there’s nothing more important in our service than our people in our service.”, said New Castle County Executive Mathew Meyer.


INTERESTED IN A CAREER AS A PARAMEDIC? New Castle County Emergency Medical Services is looking for the best and brightest individuals – those who have the compassion and sense of commitment to assist others in their community and make a difference. New Castle County EMS seeks people who are up to the challenge of affirming our goal of “Excellence in Service” each and every day. Learn more about recruitment here.
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