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Update: Walmart responds to Black Friday incident involving NCCPD and Two teens

Two teens have been arrested following an altercation with New Castle County Police officers who were on special assignment at the Centerville Road Walmart Friday evening.

If you’ve never been to a Black Friday shopping event at a Walmart then just watch this video and know you’re not missing anything. The crowd, noise, shoving and pushing is enough to set anyone off at such an event. Criminals think they can steal in such a crowded and hostile environment, but big retailers are now turning to more security alternatives like hiring local police officers and high tech security companies to help keep the peace and prevent those stealing from actually making it through the door like these two teens tried to do.

Black Friday at the Centerville Road Walmart store was no different then any other, and Walmart had the extra security in place to help keep the peace and prevent any incidents from getting out of control, but sometimes, no matter what measures you have in place, there will be those who will challenge you. Walmart had Police officers from the New Castle County Police Department who were providing security detail for their Black Friday shopping event when the incident unfolded.

According to police spokesman, Michel Eckerd, around 6:00 Pm. the officers were approached by Walmart staff who informed them that they saw three male subjects attempting to steal multiple video games.

The staff members were then able to point them out to the officers and as the officers approached the teens, they attempted to flee. When the officers caught up to them an altercation ensued.

That is when a bystander began recording the altercation between a teen and several of the officers. In the video you can see the officers struggling with one of the teens on the ground, but somehow the teen was able to get to his feet and make a dash for the door. That’s when one of the officers deploys his taser on the teen which had little effect. The teen falls down but gets back up and runs out the door. The video cuts out after that however, Eckerd said, “After the struggle, the officers were able to arrest two 17-year-old juveniles.”

Both juveniles were transported to New Castle County Police Headquarters and one juvenile was charged with two counts of misdemeanor shoplifting, one count of misdemeanor Conspiracy 3rd, and one count of misdemeanor resisting arrest. He was arraigned by Justice of the Peace Court 11 and released to his parent/guardian.

The second juvenile was arrested for one count of misdemeanor Shoplifting and was also arraigned at Justice of the Peace Court 11 and released to his parent/guardian on $500 unsecured bail.

A third juvenile accompanied these two suspects but was not arrested.

Delaware Newsline reached out to Walmart corporate office in regards to this incident and a Walmart spokesperson released the following statement:

“We have measures in place that helped make our Black Friday events safe and secure across the country.  We are thankful to law enforcement for their quick response to the incident at our Centerville Road store in Wilmington yesterday and allowing us to have a successful event without further disruption.”

Police say that this incident is an active and ongoing investigation and asks if anyone has  information pertaining to the investigation to please contact the New Castle County Division of Police non-emergency number at 302-573-2800.

Citizens can text a tip anonymously, simply by texting the number 847411 keyword: NCCDE. You can also submit a tip via our website at http://www.nccpd.com. Tipsters may also call Crime Stoppers at (800) TIP-3333 or visit us on Facebook (IM) at New Castle County Police.

Original 11/28/19/NCCPD Involved in incident at Walmart

WILMINGTON (DE): There seems to be a video circulating on social media at this hour in regards to an incident that occurred at a Walmart with several New Castle County Police Officers and a suspect who appears to be resisting them.

In the video, which was posted by Deejae Vazquez, you can see at least 3 officers attempting to take a man into custody who is resisting. They struggle for several seconds before a fourth officer assists.

After several minutes, the suspect is able to get to his feet and make a run for the door. That’s when one of the officers tazed him, however the suspect still made it through the door. The officers then ran out the door after him. It is unknown what happened after that as the video ends.

We’ve reached out to New Castle County Police in regards to this incident for more information so check back for more updates!

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