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Wilmington employee tests positive for COVID-19

Mayor Mike Purzycki announced this evening that a City of Wilmington employee who works at the City’s Municipal Complex on Wilmington Avenue in Southbridge has tested positive for the coronavirus.

WILMINGTON (DE): The Mayor said the employee, who works for the Public Works Department, is home in self-quarantine. Eleven other employees who interacted with the employee over the past few days are also home in self-quarantine. Mayor Purzycki said the City received excellent guidance today from the State Division of Public Health regarding how to act to preserve the health of the person who tested positive as well as other employees who had close contact with the individual.

State health officials also advised the City about the proper process for the decontamination of any areas of the Municipal complex in which this employee was present. The Mayor said the decontamination of the building will be completed tonight. Employees not affected by this matter will be greeted tomorrow morning by Public Works Commissioner Kelly Williams and Human Resources Director Charlotte B. Barnes, who will answer employee questions and try to allay any concerns.

“We have prepared ourselves over the past few weeks to deal with all aspects of the coronavirus crisis and have dreaded being in a position to make this type of announcement,” said Mayor Purzycki. “At the moment, our employees are receiving proper medical instruction on how to keep track of their own health and will hopefully not be further affected by the virus. The City will continue to be vigilant, and we will work with state officials to do everything we can to control the spread of the virus and keep our employees and the public safe.”

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