Mayor Purzycki Says a Second City Employee Tests Positive for the Coronavirus

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The employee had not been at work since March 13; the Redding Government Building, where the employee works, was cleaned and disinfected thoroughly last week as part of a regularly planned cleaning due to the virus crisis.

Wilmington (DE): Mayor Mike Purzycki announced today that an employee of the Department of Licenses and Inspections informed the City today that they have tested positive for the coronavirus. The employee had not been at work since March 13. The employee’s regular duties do not include off-site tasks such as inspecting City residences or businesses. The employee is currently home and is in self-quarantine.

Mayor Purzycki and L&I Commissioner Jeffrey Starkey said today that the area in which the employee works, as well as the entire Redding Government Building on French Street, was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected last week as part of a planned building-wide cleaning. Based on consultation with the State Division of Public Health, there is no health concern for the employee’s colleagues or other employees in the building.

Thus far, two City employees have tested positive for the coronavirus. Of the few dozen other employees that said they were in close contact with the first employee to test positive, several have reported negative test results while others are completing self-quarantine. The City will continue to seek guidance from the Division of Public Health as it relates to employees diagnosed with COVID-19


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