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Group demands Governor Carney to reopen Delaware

A Coronavirus Pandemic that started in China, and has now reached the United States, prompting government issued lock downs all over the country. U.S. Governor’s began issuing statewide mandates as early as March, forcing non essential businesses to close, citizens to stay home and only leave their homes for essential work, exercise, or essential activities such as grocery shopping. A new mandate has required when citizens do leave their homes, they must wear a face covering and practice social distancing guidelines while in public.

Nearly sixty days into the state issued orders and we’re just now beginning to see some results from efforts to contain the coronavirus (covid-19) virus and slow it down., but some citizens have had enough. Some feel they have been stripped of their rights to freedom and are now speaking up, some holding rally’s and protests at state capitols around the country. They say they can no longer wait and held a rally at the Carvel State Office Building where Delaware Governor John Carney’s office is located, and at the state capitol in Dover on Friday afternoon.

With nearly all non essential businesses closed in the state, Carney mandated last week that citizens wear face coverings while in public and continue to practice social distancing guidelines, but most of the crowd of nearly 75 people who protested at the front steps of the Carvel State Office Building peacefully were bare faced and most were not social distancing.

Answering questions from reporters, “Obviously they have free speech rights. They don’t have the right to put other people at risk, which is what happens when they’re gathering kind of illegally,” he said. “But as governor, I don’t want to go around looking, picking for fights. I just don’t think it’s productive.”

During a press briefing shortly after the rally, Carney called it a “pretty vocal protest’’ and mentioned the one in the state’s capital city. “Everybody has the right to express their opinion.”

The governor added that he “would have hoped the protesters were here to express their support’’ for his State of Emergency measures, “but obviously we hear their eagerness to get back to work.”

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