Girl Scouts pay it forward with six thousand boxes of cookies donated to Christiana Hospital

Healthcare workers at ChristianaCare will have plenty of cookies to munch on thanks to the Girl Scouts from Chesapeak Bay troops 66 & 472

Newark (DE): As Covid-19 continues to soar over 100,000 deaths across the United States, healthcare workers continue to put their lives and the lives of everyone that they come into contact with at risk every day and one of their biggest worries is exposing their families to Covid-19. The added stress, exhaustion, worry, and depression have taken a toll on them, as most work 16 hour shifts, some longer. The worry of infecting others such as their own families after working a long shift, has taken an even larger toll on their body and minds.

From left, Sam Prosceno, Renee Naughton. Rhonda Bost, ChristianaCare Chief Operating Officer Sharon Kurfuerst, Emily Havens (9) and her father Bill with some of the 6000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies donated and delivered to Christiana Hospital for healthcare workers Tuesday, May 26, 2020.

Healthcare workers and first responders such as police officers, firefighters, EMT’s, and Paramedics are not the only ones vulnerable to Covid-19. The older, the fragile,  and those with underlying health conditions are the second-most at-risk for catching Covid-19. We couldn’t possibly forget to mention all those essential workers out there like grocery store workers, food delivery workers, and those working in retail that are keeping Delaware moving and keeping people and families fed and safe during these trying times.

In spite of these tough times where people have lost their jobs and some businesses have been forced closed, these people and businesses all across Delaware have been giving back in some way or another to thank front line workers.

One way people have been giving back is with drive through events and shows of solidarity at healthcare facilities. The very first one was back in March at Wilmington Hospital, a show of solidarity event was held by Wilmington Fire Department, New Castle County Paramedics, and St. Francis Emergency Medical Services. They parked their emergency vehicles all around the hospital, blared their sirens, and turned on their emergency lights. While hospital workers stood outside on rooftops, and lined up outside the hospital six feet from each other, first responders stood with signs and posters made to thank them for all their hard work while fighting Covid-19.

Community members from the Spring Arbor community came together in solidarity to show their respect and appreciation to healthcare workers working the front lines of covid-19 at Middletown Emergency Department on Thursday afternoon.

Children have also been showing up at Fire Departments and Paramedic stations with sidewalk chalk to chalk in thank you notes in front of bay doors and on the sidewalk so when the first responders return from a run, they see the big colorful THANK YOU notes.

Photo| Artist Unknown

These solidarity events have been happening all over the state, but we can’t forget about the first responders who started all of this. Now, many Delawareans and businesses have been paying it forward by returning the favor to those first responders by having food drop-offs.

The Girl Scouts of Chesapeake Bay did such a thing. They donated six thousand boxes of cookies to Christiana Hospital on Tuesday May 26, 2020.

“Girl Scouts have a history of resiliency and stepping up in times of need- when the world is faced with tough situations, Girl Scouts are ready. From the Spanish Influenza, to selling treasury bonds during WWI or planting victory gardens and training in first aid during WWII, the current global pandemic is no different for Girl Scouts to leap into action and engage in acts of service and kindness.”, Said Girl Scouts spokeswoman Amanda Hoprich.

“This year in the midst of cookie season we were faced with a lot of cookies, and with the impact of Covid-19 the safety of our girls took priority. So we worked with Girl Scouts Nationally to sell and donate cookies online. Customers were able to purchase cookies as a donation to fund the cookies to be donated by troops and Girl Scouts that would have otherwise have been unsold!”, Hoprich said.

This isn’t the first time Girl Scouts donated cookies to front line workers. They have donated across the Delmarva peninsula including Beebee in Lewes and  Bay Health in Dover.

Like Governor John Carney said, “We’ll get through this together”

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