Wilmington city officials expressed “Support For Racial Justice Reforms”

Mayor Purzycki and Council President Shabazz pledge to support racial justice reforms but much more work is needed to be done other than just pledging.

Wilmington (DE): In a news release from the city of Wilmington, Mayor Mike Purzycki and city council president Haniffa Shabazz pledged to support racial justice reforms including police body cameras, review of use of force policies, establishing a police review board, and release of additional police policies and procedures.

Mayor Mike Purzycki and Council President Hanifa Shabazz today expressed their support for various racial justice reforms.

“The Mayor said he is committed to a variety of steps that support acknowledgment of past and current grievances and greater accountability and transparency of policing philosophy and operations.”, the release said.

The areas of change the Mayor and Council President will focus on include:

• Review of the Wilmington Police Department’s use of force policies

• Sharing of additional information from the WPD Policy and Procedures Manual to better inform residents and not compromise police strategy and operations

• Commit to the use of body cameras by the Wilmington Police Department without delay. The Mayor will immediately make available $800,000 in City funds that would otherwise be required to match an $800,000 Federal grant for which the City has applied. If the grant is denied, the Mayor and Council will identify additional funding to implement the police body camera program

• Support efforts to create a police review board, understanding that this is a complicated undertaking given that there are legislative and contract changes that must be agreed to
The Mayor and Council President said they look forward to working with other Members of Council and the community to bring about needed and sustainable changes that support racial justice.

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