Rehoboth Beach Police officer fired for “racially based social media post”

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A Rehoboth Beach Seasonal Police Officer has been fired following the posting of an inappropriate “racially based social media post”, on a social media platform.

Rehoboth Beach (DE):  Rehoboth Beach Police Department was made aware of the inappropriate post by “Internal law enforcement resources” Saturday afternoon., according to a news release.

“Each member of the Rehoboth Beach Police Department, both sworn and civilian, is expected to abide by a code of ethics. Unfortunately, that was not the case today.” said police spokesperson Jamie Riddle. “The actions of one does not discredit the positive contributions that so many of our members make to our community on a daily basis.”

Riddle said the incident was investigated and the employee is no longer a member of the Rehoboth Beach Police Department.

“While the post has been widely circulated on social media, Rehoboth Beach Police will not amplify this type of “unprofessional and discourteous behavior” by repeating what was said or sharing the image.,” Riddle said.

Contrary to some social media posts, the fired officer is not a New Castle County Police officer, confirmed New Castle County Police spokesman Michel Eckerd. Eckerd could not confirm the officer’s identity nor the department that was involved. “This type of behavior is not condoned or tolerated by the New Castle County Division of Police.,” Eckerd said.

In reassuring it’s citizens Riddle said, “Racism has no place within our community and will not be tolerated.” The departments code of ethics demands each member of the department whether sworn in or not to keep their private lives unsullied as an example to all and behave in a manner that does not bring discredit to themselves or our agency.

Riddle added, “It is our hope that the efficient investigation and adjudication of this incident demonstrates our mission to enhance public safety by working with our diverse community to improve their quality of life.”


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