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Court blocks Trump effort to exclude undocumented immigrants

“The Constitution is crystal clear: the Census must count everyone,” said Attorney General Jennings.

NEW YORK (NY): In a victory for the 2020 Census, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York ruled late Thursday that undocumented immigrants must be included in congressional apportionment following the census count. Delaware was one of the suit’s plaintiffs.

“The Constitution is crystal clear: the Census must count everyone,” said Attorney General Jennings. “President Trump’s repeated attempts to sabotage the Census are transparently political efforts to harm millions of Americans by depriving them of accurate representation and federal resources. I’m grateful that the Court saw this for what it was: an unlawful Hail Mary. We will continue to defend the Census against attacks from the White House, and we will continue to win.”

“This is an excellent outcome,” said Latin American Community Center President and CEO Maria Matos, whose declaration was cited in the Court’s decision. “I am proud to have joined forces with Attorney General Jennings to present a strong case against these continued attacks by this administration on our Constitution and on the immigrant community.”

Thursday’s ruling is only the latest blow against the Trump Administration’s efforts to undermine a fair and accurate census count. In June of 2019, the U.S. Supreme Court stopped Trump’s attempt to include a “citizenship question” on the 2020 Census questionnaire. A U.S. District Court also recently issued a temporary restraining order to block Trump’s 11th-hour attempt to cut the Census short by a full month. Delaware was involved in both legal challenges.

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