Skyline Middle went into “Heightened Security” after receiving threats Friday

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Troopers responded to the school in droves along with New Castle County Police and Delaware State Police aviation searching the area for unknown suspects.

WILMINGTON (DE) BY DIGITAL STAFF: Skyline Middle School went into a “Heightened Security” Friday after receiving several threats by phone a spokesperson for the Red Clay Consolidated School District said.

After receiving the threats by phone, the school immediately entered a state of “Heightened Security.” However, we’ve been cautioned that this is not a “lockdown.” While most think this is a lockdown, Red Clay Consolidated School District spokeswoman Taylor Green explained that “Heightened Security” means “students are remaining inside the building until further notice.”

Meanwhile, Troopers responded to the school in droves along with New Castle County and Delaware State Police as well as Delaware State Police Aviation searching the area for unknown suspects. 

“At approximately 11:52 a.m. today the school received a couple of phone calls from an unknown person threatening the school.,” Said police spokesman Gary Fournier. “As the investigation is still in the early stages, we will not detail the type of threat that was made.”

The school initiated their protocols to keep the children safeguarded and Troopers along with New Castle County Police, school constables, and State Police Aviation conducted a search of the area and deemed it safe at approximately 12:30 p.m., Fournier added.

Green said due to the incident and “out of an abundance of caution,” Skyline Middle, along with Heritage Elementary School, would have heightened security throughout the day.

Police later said they were able to make contact with a person whose Instagram account the threat was posted to and determined he was not responsible for the threat. The man apparently didn’t have the phone that was used to post the threat, and at the time police said the phone was “unaccounted for.” Police also say that the person did not have any knowledge that the post was made and was made “without his authorization.”

The investigation is continuing into this incident and the school has resumed normal activities.


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