Correction: Wilmington, state police pursue wanted person riding on DART bus Thursday night

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Wilmington Police, State Police Pursue Wanted Subject Riding On A DART bus Thursday night.

Editor’s Note: This story was originally published based on information obtained by police radio communications because at the time, police did not release any information about this incident and began researching for information related to a “pursuit”, when in fact it was not a pursuit but was a joint law enforcement effort to capture a wanted person on a bus. We apologize if the original story was misleading.

Update 10/18/21: After confusion about this incident and the circumstances surrounding what appeared to be a police pursuit of a vehicle, Wilmington Police were finally able to provide some information to the incident that unfolded on Thursday October 14, 2021.

According to Dave Karas, Police Communications Director for Wilmington Police, “Our officers were conducting an investigation in the area with partner agencies and located a wanted person who was riding in a bus.”

Karas said added, “At this point this is the subject of an ongoing investigation.” indicating he could not release any more information other than the basics.

The radio communications a Delaware Newsline photojournalist heard just before 10:00 p.m. appeared to be a pursuit. Here’s why…

On Thursday October 14, 2021, around 10:00 p.m., a Wilmington Police officer is heard on his radio reporting the direction of travel on I-95 South out of Wilmington. At one point the officer is heard announcing the direction of travel, “we’re at 95 South at 141, and continuing” Minutes later, the officer announces he’s at Smalleys Dam Rd, “We’re turning on Smalleys Dam Rd.”, followed by “we’re in Governor Square Shopping Center now.”

Meanwhile, the photojournalist is at Rte 273 and Rte 7 at the intersection sitting at the traffic light when a DART bus came flying pass at speeds greater than 45 miles per hour on Rte 7 South towards the Park & Ride. The driver appeared to be in a calm state as he crossed the intersection looking in both directions as he crossed. The photojournalist then sees a number of State Troopers following behind the bus at a distance and at a high rate of speed.

The photojournalist continued onto Rte 7 North towards Governor Square Shopping Center, did a u-turn to head Rte 7 South. When the photojournalist  arrived at the Park and Ride, the bus is stopped on the shoulder past the Park and Ride, not in the Park and Ride, but just past the main entrance with state Troopers surrounding it. 

As Delaware State Police Aviation hoovered above in the area, the bus remained in the shoulder and the driver did not appear to be on the bus. The photojournalist counted more then 10 troopers at the scene. All drove off except one where it remained with the bus.

While the information given by authorities surrounding this incident does appear suspicious, this is what we know about this incident at this time. We reached out to DART in regards to this incident and what they may be able to tell us, to help us understand what really happened.

WILMINGTON (DE) BY DIGITAL STAFF (Original): There was no injuries after Wilmington Police chased this DART bus out of Wilmington late Thursday night.

The chase happened Thursday October 14, 2021, just before 10:00 p.m. out of Wilmington and ended at the Park & Ride on Rte 7 and Old Baltimore Pike in Christiana.

Delaware State Police joined the chase and in the video, you can see the bus surrounded by state police vehicles.

We reached out to Wilmington Police but they refuse to provide any information on the pursuit they were involved in.

We also reached out to Delaware State Police, and were refereed to Wilmington Police as the agency that is handling the incident.


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