Minor parking changes for Rehoboth Beach parking

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Commissioners voted to make the meter rate consistent at $3 per hour citywide. Previously, the price for some meter locations was $2/hour.

Updated on 02/11/21: The Rehoboth Beach Board of Commissioners voted today to change Rehoboth Beach’s annual parking season to May 15 through September 15. Previously the parking season in Rehoboth Beach, the period during which visitors must purchase a parking pass or pay at meters, was defined as the Friday before Memorial Day through the second Sunday after Labor Day.

In addition, Commissioners voted to make the meter rate consistent at $3 per hour citywide. Previously, the price for some meter locations was $2/hour.

“The changes adopted by Commissioners today provide consistency and simplicity to the City’s parking guidelines,” says City Manager Sharon Lynn. “Parking-related information will now be easier to communicate and understand.”

REHOBOTH BEACH (DE) BY DIGITAL STAFF 01/24/22: If you plan on traveling to the Delaware beaches this summer, you may see some parking fee changes including some modified start and stop dates for the season and establishing a consistent meter rate of $3/hour throughout the city.

The Board of Commissioners discussed the parking season topic at it’s meeting Friday. The Commissioners are expected to vote on these issues surrounding the parking season at a special meeting on February 7th. 

At its meeting this past Friday, Commissioners approved the purchase of 77 additional Luke Cosmo pay stations from T2 Systems for $537,000. One of these pay stations will be installed at Deauville Beach to allow patrons to pay for parking there by credit card.

Commissioners also amended the city code to exempt business agents whose business license is for residential rental property from receiving a free parking pass as a business, to reflect past practice.

Commissioners then discussed time constraints on vehicles parked in front of someone else’s residence, the parking season timeframe, and fees for meters and permits.

At the February 7 special meeting, Commissioners may consider action on each of the unresolved discussion items.

The proposed timeframe for the adjusted parking season is May 1-September 30, about 3-4 weeks earlier and about two weeks longer than the current season. Commissioners will consider making the meter rate $3/hour citywide, and may consider extending the enforcement period to midnight. Commissioners discussed leaving parking permit fees at the current rates for the 2022 season, but may consider increases for the 2023 season.


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