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Do you have video or photos that you want to share with Delaware Newsline? It’s easy! | Most of the news and information you see on the TV news or in the daily newspaper was generated by people just like you. They send information to the media, usually via press releases and personal contact. And good news tips from people in the community shows up on TV, newspapers, and at online News media in the same way.

“The long story short is that I’m just a guy lucky enough to pick up a video camera. How that went down is quite a tale, and the fact that I get to do what I love every day is something that I’ll always cherish and be forever grateful for.”

Delaware Newsline was created in 2016 by George Shea, a Delaware photojournalist with a vision to provide a digital community news broadcasting platform for the unheard voices of Delaware. It all started in late 2015 while George was working at the News Journal Media Group, where he served in various roles including business operations, technical support, and sales for over 14 years.

At the time, George developed a passion for photojournalism, and realized that not only were community issues being under-reported, but voices from the community were being unheard, and under-represented in traditional media.

George then realized that community based reporting was critical in bringing awareness and engagement to the community-and to it’s leaders. George believed that a community supported platform was needed and Delaware Newsline was born and now Delaware Newsline is DNTV Digital.






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Hello Friends,

Across the country, a new not for profit news reporting model is emerging. Online news sites are taking up the slack and delivering news in the public interest. Readers are beginning to contribute to new public media news sources instead of paying subscription fees to for-profit newsrooms.

Unfortunately, this online news distribution system cannot cover the significant costs associated with in-depth news reporting. I am asking for your financial support to help pay experienced reporters, photographers, videographers, and contributors to go into the courts, the community, and the offices of government to find and tell important stories in a journalistic non-biased way.

While we work towards making DNTV Digital a 501(c)(3) corporation, we are currently a for-profit, independent news organization that fuels independent journalism. With your help, we can produce independent, investigative journalism, and report on important issues that will help create real, long-lasting change. Your voluntary contribution to our mission is greatly appreciated.

Learn more about how you can help us make this happen or to get more information about your donation while we await a 501(c)(3) status.

We don’t answer to stockholders, a corporate parent company, or a deep-pocketed donor. Instead we’re accountable to, and funded by, you—our readers.

The Birth of Delaware Newsline


Delaware photojournalist, George Shea, developed a vision of a community supported digital news platform in the basement of his friends home. There, some serious planning got underway.


Delaware Newsline was launched and began providing breaking news content to its Delaware audience by utilizing multiple platforms including web, social media, and video.


To better deliver to our readers and viewers, Delaware Newsline begins the branding launch and chose chose a unique branding that not only captures our readers and viewers eyes, but also illustrates our digital community broadcasting platform.


Delaware Newsline launches a data journalism section at with two sub-sections featuring Delaware’s gun violence and Delaware’s Cold Case Files. These are important issues in Delaware that calls for in-depth reporting to bring more awareness to the community.


Late 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit Delaware and Delaware Newsline launched a special section featuring top COVID-19 stories as well as a tracker.


Delaware Newsline launches an all new web design to better enhance the experience of our readers and viewers.


Delaware Newsline becomes DNTV Digital.

Independent, ethical journalism helps citizens understand society’s problems and develop meaningful solutions. Investigative reporting is critical to increasing public awareness and engagement, and provides a much-needed platform for voices that are under-represented in traditional media.

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Built from the ground up, George has dedicated his time, energy, and finances to building one of the best independent news platforms I've seen.
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