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George Shea

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Storytelling, creative innovation, and visual Journalism, no matter what the medium, make my heart happy, and sharing them with the world makes my soul sing.

Hello, my name is George Shea, and I am a self-taught photojournalist from Delaware. I can’t say that I had dreamed of becoming a photojournalist, because I didn’t, but I did have a dream that I developed, and the dream was to create a community broadcasting platform for the unheard voices of Delaware. That dream became a reality when I picked up a camera in 2015.

I was inspired by Baltimore photojournalist, Devin Allen, who was covering the Baltimore City riots following the in-custody death of Freddy Grey. Capturing some intense moments during the riots, Devin told a story that was being told by the people and that’s what I wanted to do and in 2016, Delaware Newsline was born.

“The long story short is that I’m just a guy lucky enough to pick up a video camera. How that went down is quite a tale, and the fact that I get to do what I love every day is something that I’ll always cherish and be forever grateful for.”