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Social Media Commenting Policy

Thank you for sharing your views with Delaware Newsline. Please observe the following simple rules:

No profanity, hate speech, libel or personal attacks, doxxing, naming of victims, harmful sterotypes.

Delaware Newsline reserves the right to remove comments that violate these guidelines. We do read every comment and evaluate how it fits, compliments or responds to our mission. Continued harmful commentary that is off-topic and off-mission can result in user ban.

General Information:

1. While only Avatar user/screen names may be used in the comment sections of the website, real names are required to register, including full first and last name.

2. Please be civil in addressing and referencing other Delaware Newsline commenters and stay focused on the subject at hand.

3. Delaware Newsline reserves the right to remove any comment for any reason. Delaware Newsline may also bar individuals who break our commenting rules.

4. You must follow the Delaware Subscriber Agreement and Terms of Use.

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