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Murder She Solved

  • 2 Reviews
  • 2019
  • TV-MA

True Crime takes you into the minds of female criminal investigators as they reveal the untold stories behind the capture of the most notorious killers. Witness their challenges, setbacks and dramatic revelations as they work to solve the most complex homicide cases.

  • 1. Free To Kill

    • 06/15/2016
    • 00:43:09
    Rookie private investigator, Marie Parent puts her life on the line to uncover the horrible truth behind the disappearance of Ottawa freelance journalist Louise Ellis. She delves deep into the mind of a killer to find what police aren't able to on their own — the evidence they need to put him away, before he gets away with murder.
  • 2. A Killer Family

    • 06/15/2016
    • 00:42:55
    A 72-year-old man is bludgeoned to death in the garage of his St. Catharines home. When police discover the victim has multiple ex-wives, their pool of potential suspects grows. As Detective Sgt. Keri Harrison and the Niagara Regional Police Service unravel the mystery of the senior's murder, they uncover a bizarre conspiracy of misguided loyalty and greed.
  • 3. Deadly Deception

    • 06/15/2016
    • 00:42:58
    72-year-old Toronto resident Harley Walker is missing. The typically active senior hasn't been seen or heard from for nearly a week. The investigation culminates in a frantic ground search for the victim, who could be dead or alive, and a massive manhunt for his attacker.
  • 3. The Joe and Olga Connell case

    • 09/02/2020
    • 00:23:21
    Joe and Olga Connell were a handsome, wealthy couple who had been husband and wife for little more than three months, never imagining that when they promised to love each other until death do they part that they were destined to share just 107 days of wedded bliss together.
  • 4. Murder At The Roadhouse

    • 06/15/2016
    • 00:43:21
    A Hamilton neighbourhood pub becomes a murder scene when a man out for an evening with his family is found stomped to death in the back hallway. The search for answers only leads detectives to more questions. Dog tags found at the scene and mysterious bruises on the body will finally give Forensic Detective Annette Huys the proof she needs to put the killers away.
  • 5. The Pathway Predator

    • 06/15/2016
    • 00:43:13
    A beautiful young woman is murdered in broad daylight by a predator who prowls the streets and bicycle paths of Ottawa in search of innocent prey. All detectives have to go on are witness descriptions of a man with an eagle tattoo, acting suspiciously on the bike paths. With a killer on the loose in this normally tranquil city, the pressure is on for Sgt. Jenny Edge and the Ottawa Police to stop him before he strikes again.
  • 6. Severed

    • 06/15/2016
    • 00:43:08
    The morning of January 18th, 2008, in a quiet neighbourhood in Calgary, a homeless man is searching through a residential dumpster for bottles, when he makes a sickening discovery. Inside, a garbage bag with what appears to be a dismembered right arm.
  • 7. On the Trail of a Hitman

    • 06/15/2016
    • 00:42:59
    Two gruesome shootings in Vancouver years apart lead rookie cold case cop, Lee Bergerman, on a high stakes journey into a deadly criminal underworld. A massive undercover operation and "Mr. Big Sting" net investigators more than they ever expected, launching one of the biggest murder cases in Canadian history.
  • 8. A Fatal Fare

    • 06/15/2016
    • 00:42:56
    The brutal murder of two taxi drivers in two days has Toronto cabbies fearing for their lives. With mysterious motives and mounting public pressure, Toronto Police detective Inspector Cory Bockus leads the investigation into what will become the case of her career. It will take relentless surveillance and videotape from the other side of the world to reveal the shocking clues that break the case wide open.
  • 1. A Deadly Turn

    • 12/12/2021
    • 00:45:03
    A loving wife and mother shot in the head in broad daylight. The brutal murder is so baffling even seasoned investigators are stumped. Ten months later, another savage shooting with the same M.O. Is it a gruesome coincidence or are the shootings somehow connected? A relentless female investigator uncovers the shocking link and discovers a tragic tale of murder for hire.
  • 2. A Race Against Time

    • 03/17/2022
    • 00:45:02
    A popular teenager is murdered on the grounds of an elementary school. Her ruthless killer gets away. Years later and hundreds of miles away, another woman is viciously stabbed. In his haste to flee the scene, the attacker leaves behind a vital piece of evidence. When DNA links these two assaults, its up to homicide detective Molly Daul to track down this brutal killer before he strikes again.
  • 3. A Toxic Love

    • 03/22/2022
    • 00:45:02
    Two mysterious deaths - a cop and a firefighter - cut down in their prime. Intrepid journalist Jane Hansen uncovers a tragic tale of love, betrayal and a cold-blooded killer who almost gets away with it.
  • 4. A Poisoned Mind

    • 12/15/2021
    • 00:45:07
    Peggy Carr and two of her sons are rushed to hospital with extreme pain and nausea. Doctors are initially baffled by the trio's symptoms but when they test positive for a rare and deadly poison, detectives launch an investigation.
  • 5. The Railway Killer

    • 03/23/2022
    • 00:45:07
    A young man is found murdered beside train tracks and his young girlfriend is missing. Detectives hunt for the killer while frantically searching for the girl, hoping to find her in time - alive. The year-long investigation takes police deep into the seedy underworld of freight train riders, where they suspect a serial killer at work.
  • 6. Body In A Bag

    • 12/16/2021
    • 00:45:03
    A body discovered in the shallow waters of an old cement quarry has all the signs of a mob hit. What detectives unravel is far stranger: a twisted relationship between two educated, smart men from good families, that ends in murder.
  • 7. Deadly Snow

    • 12/18/2021
    • 00:45:03
    Just months from their 25th wedding anniversary, a gentle North Toronto couple is found brutally murdered for no apparent reason. With all leads exhausted and chance of finding their killing diminishing, police turn to a criminal profiler with the hopes she will help catch a psychopathic on the run.
  • 8. The Cabbie Killer

    • 03/26/2022
    • 00:45:03
    The brutal murder of two taxi drivers in two days has Austin cabbies fearing for their lives and police are under mounting public pressure to track down the killer. After several eye-witnesses identify a suspect in a photo line-up, police think they have their guy, but with no physical evidence that puts him at the scene, the jury acquits him. The case is shelved until 14 years later when a fingerprint ID breathes life into this cold case.
  • 1. Ring of Deceit

    • 06/15/2016
    • 00:43:37
    A woman disappears on her way to the Seattle airport, her fiancé makes an emotional appeal for her safe return. Two weeks later, her body is found in the trunk of her car. The victim’s missing engagement ring and oddly tied shoelaces are the crucial clues that crack the case.
  • 2. Never A Doubt

    • 03/26/2022
    • 00:45:02
    A woman, who is convinced her husband has been wrongly convicted of brutally murdering her mother, launches her own investigation. Her dangerous hunt for the real killer leads to a shocking discovery.
  • 3. Sunset Beach Killer

    • 08/02/2016
    • 00:36:55
    A young surfer's charred remains are discovered in an Huntington Beach apartment fire. Two small droplets of blood, collected in his kitchen, help police catch the murderer -15 years later.
  • 4. When Death Knocks

    • 04/06/2022
    • 00:45:02
    An Austin woman makes the deadly decision to show her high-end home to a killer posing as a prospective buyer. With a murderer on the loose in this normally tranquil neighbourhood, the pressure is on for detectives to stop him before he strikes again.
  • 5. Murder At The Farmhouse

    • 04/06/2022
    • 00:45:02
    Murder She Solved: True Crime takes you into the minds of female criminal investigators as they reveal the untold stories behind the capture of the most notorious killers. Witness their challenges, setbacks and dramatic revelations as they work to solve the most complex homicide cases.
  • 6. The Face Of justice

    • 03/19/2022
    • 00:45:02
    Kids playing on the shore of the Wisconsin river make a grisly find - body parts in garbage bags. Someone went to great lengths to disguise the victim's identity. In an effort to solve this horrific murder; detectives use a forensic anthropologist and cutting edge technology.
  • 7. Northern Nightmare

    • 03/18/2022
    • 00:45:03
    An Anchorage nurse disappears from her house and only her abandoned car is found. Local police enlist the help of the FBI to solve this baffling case and their specialized scent dogs lead investigators straight to the killer's doorstep.
  • 8. The Kansas Killer

    • 03/20/2022
    • 00:45:03
    1987 in Kansas City Missouri, an 89 year old grandmother is assaulted and strangled to death in her own home. The case goes cold within months and for 16 years the killer remains at large.
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