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The Delaware Gun Violence Database is an online archive of gun violence incidents collected from The Gun Violence Archives (GVA) who collects over 7,500 law enforcement, media, government and commercial sources daily in an effort to provide near-real time data about the results of gun violence.

GVA is an independent data collection and research group with no affiliation with any advocacy organization.

It is hoped that this information will inform and assist those engaged in discussions and activities concerning gun violence, including analysis of proposed regulations or legislation relating to gun safety usage.

All data is from 2019, the most recent year of data available, unless otherwise indicated.

Sources: Gun Violence Archive, The Educational Fund To Stop Gun Violence. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics. WONDER Online Database, 1999-2019. Available:


Shooting incidents maps are updated at the end of each year.

Total Killed156708519326
Total Injured4724921552536
Total Incidents20331930062862
2019 Gun Death Intent Chart_02
2019 Gun death demographics Suicides overview_03
2019 Trends Over Time Chart
2019_Gun deaths overview
2019 County Variations
2019 Gun death demographics Homicides overview
2019 Delaware Gun Violence Overview
2019 Gun Deaths_Demographics_Suicides
IDDateAddressCity# Killed# Injured
158646412/31/2019Taylor Dr and Emerson PlBear10
158515312/31/20192400 block of N Market StWilmington01
158526712/31/2019100 block of Haman DrDover01
158526412/31/2019700 block of Willings WayNew Castle10
158515512/31/20192200 block of N Market StWilmington01
158527112/30/2019400 block of Barrister PlDover01
158428512/30/2019100 block of S New StDover02
158221712/28/2019Liborio LnNew Castle02
158217512/28/201950 block of State CircleDover00
158217612/28/201950 block of Kentwood DrDover00
158217912/28/20191300 block of E 29th StWilmington10
158174812/27/201950 block of S New StDover00
158174312/27/201914000 block of County Seat HwySeaford00
158174612/27/2019200 block of S Governors BlvdDover01
158054512/26/20191300 block of Cedar StWilmington01
157981412/25/2019900 block of Vandever AveWilmington10
160821812/25/2019N DuPont St and W 4th StWilmington00
157947712/24/2019200 block of Cityview AveWilmington01
157947912/24/2019500 block of New Castle AveWilmington01
157949012/24/2019S DuPont Hwy and Webbs LnDover00
158054712/24/2019S New St and Reed StDover00
157893112/23/2019801 Christiana RdNewark01
157816512/23/2019N Governors BlvdDover01
157756812/21/2019Myers DrHartly00
157718712/20/2019700 block of Collins AveSeaford01
157539912/18/2019200 block of North StMilford00
157462312/17/20191800 Block of Conrad StWilmington01
157363912/16/20192700 block of N West StWilmington01
157364212/14/2019Briar LnNewark00
157364312/14/2019W Main StNewark00
157260612/14/2019100 block of N Harrison StWilmington01
157187612/12/2019Mast CirDover00
157087512/12/20193400 block of Lancaster PikeWilmington10
156997012/11/201950 block of Diamond CtHarrington10
156816912/7/201929000 block of Poplar CtSelbyville00
156638412/6/2019125 Haman DrDover01
156458712/4/2019400 block of E Water StDover01
156459312/3/2019125 Haman DrDover00
156376712/3/2019100 block of E 24th StWilmington10
156184512/1/2019200 block of N Market StWilmington02
156308712/1/2019300 block of Barrett StWilmington00
156161711/29/2019300 block of E Savannah RdLewes10
155994811/27/201911000 block of Evans DrBridgeville10
155813411/26/2019500 block of Roberta AveDover00
155812911/25/20192300 block of Washington StWilmington11
155643611/23/20192300 block of Bowers StWilmington02
156638911/20/2019S Maryland Ave and E Newport PikeWilmington00
155509911/20/201914122 Oak Branch RdDelmar00
155433811/20/2019400 block of Sussex AveDover00
155204411/18/2019100 block of E 24th StWilmington01
155087711/16/2019S State St and Lake Land AveDover01
155051311/15/2019Polk Rd and Rysing DrWilmington (Edgemoor)00
155051111/15/2019100 block of W 27th StWilmington01
154949211/13/201950 block of Carlisle DrDover00
154723411/11/20191300 block of Chesnut StWilmington10
154724411/11/2019100 block of Wolcott StHarrington00
154723111/11/2019301 W 29th StWilmington02
154582011/9/201924000 block of E Middlecord CircleSeaford00
155358011/8/2019700 block of N Franklin StWilmington00
154575511/7/2019Karen PlDover00
156246311/5/2019400 block of Jebb RdCamden Wyoming00
154204011/3/2019100 block of Old Forge DrDover00
154074211/2/20193800 block of N Market StWilmington01
154073911/2/20193000 block of Washington StWilmington01
154127611/1/201924000 block of Shoreline DrMillsboro00
154029011/1/2019900 block of S Broom StWilmington01
154075510/29/2019Chestnut StSmyrna00
153938710/29/2019100 block of Spruance RdDover00
153836210/29/2019400 Foulk RdWilmington10
153706010/29/2019600 block of N West StWilmington01
153782710/28/20192360 Pulaski HwyNewark00
153705810/28/20192500 block of Thatcher StWilmington10
153782110/28/2019465 Marina LnNew Castle02
153706310/28/201950 block of Kings CirNewark01
153673210/27/201924000 block of Milton Ellendale HwyMilton00
153419010/24/201950 block of Harmony Hill DrDover00
153297110/23/2019600 block of Parkman CtBear01
153369910/23/20191800 block of Choptank RdMiddletown10
153298110/22/2019N West StHarrington00
153296410/22/201924000 block of Concord Pond RdSeaford00
153156410/21/20194000 block of Newport Gap PikeHockessin00
153218910/21/2019500 block of Owens Brook DrSmyrna01
153156010/20/201950 block of S New StDover01
153093510/20/2019300 block of N Franklin StWilmington10
153156310/19/2019100 block of Cherry StDover00
153369610/19/20191000 Holly Brook ApartmentsLaurel00
153093410/19/201910000 block of Heritage RdLincoln00
153048310/18/20192200 block of N Spruce StWilmington01
153048510/17/2019200 block of Will Scarlet LnHartly00
153010610/17/2019Bedford DrWilmington (Edgemoor)01
152846210/16/2019200 block of W Division StDover01
153298010/16/2019300 Aurora PlMilford00
152888810/16/2019S Cannon DrWilmington (Edgemoor)01
152576710/12/2019900 block of N Lombard StWilmington01
152314610/8/201924000 block of German RdSeaford00
152189610/5/2019200 block of S Dupont HwyDover00
152041810/3/2019Saxton Rd and Steele RdDover00
152041310/3/20196200 block of Hickman RdGreenwood00
15269949/30/2019700 block of N Washington StWilmington00
15164079/29/2019300 block of Terrace DrNewark00
15164059/29/2019Briarcliff DrNew Castle00
15149979/27/20192500 block of N Monroe StWilmington10
15137119/26/20192708 Daniel StLaurel00
15137229/26/2019108 Mario DrBear01
15121479/25/2019865 N DuPont HwyDover03
15112269/23/20191259 Corn Crib RdHarrington01
15111619/23/201923000 block of German RdSeaford01
15112239/22/20191210 White Oak RdDover02
15103549/22/2019200 block of King William StNewark00
15218989/21/2019600 block of N Monroe StWilmington00
15081009/20/2019Bay RdMilford00
15089879/20/2019700 block of Atlanta RdSeaford00
15071889/18/2019457 Stanton Christiana RdNewark00
15055749/16/20193100 block of Forrest AveDover01
15055649/16/2019W 7th St and N Monroe StWilmington01
15055669/16/20191000 block of N Van Buren StWilmington10
15047049/15/20193800 block of Wrangle Hill RdBear00
15046999/15/20191900 block of N Washington StWilmington01
15184479/14/2019900 block of E 4th StWilmington00
15029379/13/2019900 block of Bennett StWilmington10
15032769/13/2019N Monroe St and W 5th StWilmington20
15029399/12/2019200 block of Harmony LnDover10
15137079/12/2019600 block of Concord AveWilmington00
15121449/11/2019200 block of N Harrison StWilmington00
15103499/11/2019E 10th St and Wilson StWilmington00
15006619/10/2019700 block of N Monroe StWilmington01
15327089/9/2019700 block of N Monroe StWilmington01
15084849/7/20192600 block of N Tatnall StWilmington00
14993369/5/2019New Castle AveNew Castle00
15006739/5/2019Old Shawnee RdMilford00
14981939/5/2019Mill StHarrington00
15150749/4/201950 block of Stevenson DrDover00
14974029/3/2019Walnut Shade RdMagnolia00
14965139/3/2019400 block of E 35th StWilmington10
14951379/3/2019600 block of N Scott StWilmington01
14944619/1/20195000 block of Smyrna Leipsic RdSmyrna00
14944589/1/20191000 block of Spruce StWilmington01
14934148/31/20191st St and Vine StBridgeville01
15064028/31/2019400 block of S Van Buren StWilmington00
15032808/30/2019300 block of S Jackson StWilmington00
14929588/30/20192700 block of Washington StWilmington10
15064008/30/2019600 block of N Van Buren StWilmington00
14929628/29/2019Main St and Iron Branch RdDagsboro00
14965188/29/201950 block of Cypress AveWilmington (Stanton)00
14914638/27/2019DE-2 and Limestone RdWilmington00
15006638/27/2019400 block of N Church StWilmington00
14897208/26/2019Tollhouse PlDover00
14885828/25/201950 block of Balfour AveClaymont01
14871868/24/20192000 block of Generals WayDover00
14881568/24/2019100 block of Bangor LnMilton00
14965158/23/20191700 block of W 4th StWilmington00
14875028/21/2019500 block of Salem Church RdNewark00
14860858/21/2019Coastal Hwy and Broadkill RdMilton00
14852448/21/201922681 Eskridge RdSeaford00
14840278/20/20191119 S College AveNewark00
14890048/20/2019300 block of N Connell StWilmington00
14978018/19/2019900 block of N Church StWilmington00
14890018/19/2019200 block of N Harrison StWilmington00
14844808/19/201950 block of Hazlettville RdHartly00
14821168/18/20191119 S College AveNewark11
14836148/18/2019300 block of Simon CirDover00
14827028/18/20193000 block of Valley Brook DrWilmington (Newport)00
14827008/18/20192200 block of N Locust StWilmington01
14827078/17/2019S New St and Reed StDover01
14818568/16/201913th St and Thatcher StWilmington01
14807188/16/20191300 block of Banning StWilmington01
14800398/15/2019E 23rd St and Pine StWilmington01
14874958/15/20192000 block of W 6th StWilmington00
14890218/15/2019Star Ln and Peppers Corner RdFrankford00
14807168/15/20192200 block of Locust StWilmington01
14794958/14/2019800 block of N Pine StWilmington01
14852428/14/20192100 block of Locust StWilmington00
14786158/13/2019E 23rd St and Lamotte StWilmington01
14765768/12/20193000 block of N West StWilmington01
14759548/11/201950 block of S New StDover01
14754348/10/2019600 block of Tatnall StWilmington01
14852518/10/2019Bellevue RdNewark00
14770278/9/2019Kent Way and Owens Brook DrSmyrna00
14732608/8/2019W 30th St and Washington StWilmington00
14836058/8/201950 block of Race StWilmington00
14786278/7/2019800 block of W 3rd StWilmington00
14821148/7/2019200 block of W StWilmington00
14721738/6/201950 block of Lower Oak StWilmington01
14712378/6/2019600 block of E 10th StWilmington01
14743328/6/20192000 block of Generals WayDover00
14701738/5/2019200 block of N Harrison StWilmington02
14686048/3/2019101 Geoffrey DrNewark00
14668098/3/2019600 block of Taylor StWilmington01
14685998/3/20196 W Lebanon RdDover01
14836038/3/201937000 block of Marsha StDelmar00
14674698/2/2019Rockford CrossingDover00
14652638/1/2019200 block of N Rodney StWilmington00
14668148/1/2019200 block of E Sheldrake CirDover00
14623627/29/2019Fisher RdMilton00
14641207/28/2019700 block of W 5th StWilmington01
15055937/28/2019100 block of Dorman StHarrington00
14583147/25/2019700 block of W 4th StWilmington10
14571937/23/201916979 Beach HwyEllendale00
14551967/23/20191700 block of W 4th StWilmington01
14548147/22/20191800 block of W 2nd StWilmington11
14548107/21/2019S New StDover00
14552047/21/2019S New St and W Reed StDover01
14636927/20/20191600 block of N Market StWilmington00
14530807/20/2019500 Delaware AveWilmington10
14530337/20/2019700 Foulk RdWilmington20
14552017/19/2019805 Forest AveDover00
14516897/18/2019Autumnwood CtDover00
14504317/17/20194304 N Market StWilmington02
14504297/16/2019S New St and W Reed StDover00
14636907/15/20191300 block of Beech StWilmington00
14498567/15/201950 block of Waltham StNewark00
14611497/15/20193000 block of Lancaster AveWilmington00
14493047/15/2019White Rabbit Dr and Groundhog LnSmyrna00
14489047/14/2019S Draper CirMagnolia00
14468187/12/2019600 block of W 5th StWilmington01
14472557/11/2019200 block of Charles StMilford00
14448987/10/201915866 Winners CirLincoln10
14449137/9/2019800 block of Clementine CtSeaford00
14507947/9/20192500 block of Baynard BlvdWilmington00
14441197/9/2019N Paula Lynne DrSeaford00
14498587/6/2019W 5th St and N Bancroft PkwyWilmington00
14420627/6/20196000 block of N DuPont HwyDover00
14424157/5/2019164 Aspen DrNewark00
14396307/5/2019600 block of N West StWilmington01
14652677/4/2019100 block of Katrina WayDover01
14390217/4/201950 block of Woodville DrMagnolia01
14449237/3/2019700 block of 4th StWilmington00
14489067/3/2019600 block of 5th StWilmington00
14430397/1/2019600 block of W 5th StWilmington00
14356556/29/201950 block of Gordon StWilmington01
14351146/28/201935567 Big Oaks LnRehoboth Beach00
14341096/26/20197250 Milford Harrington HwyHarrington00
14329746/25/201950 block of N Kirkwood StDover00
14318906/25/201950 block of Howe DrDover00
14307476/24/2019700 block of Green Winged TrailCamden Wyoming00
14287216/21/2019500 Findley WaySeaford00
14287186/21/201950 block of Appalachian DrFelton00
14266186/19/2019Meadowlark DrBridgeville00
14345646/18/20191100 block of W 4th StWilmington00
14249746/16/2019Barrister PlDover01
14240016/15/2019DE 1Smyrna00
14318946/15/20191100 block of W 5th StWilmington00
14217966/12/2019100 block of Willis RdDover00
14182296/7/2019N Albright DrSmyrna00
14164326/6/2019300 block of Frear DrDover00
14153546/5/201936000 block of Waycross RdLaurel00
14201026/4/2019100 block of S Harrison StWilmington00
14211246/4/20191900 block of N Market StWilmington00
14123296/2/2019865 N Dupont HwyDover01
14186996/2/20192300 block of Baynard BlvdWilmington00
14128256/2/20191000 block of E 27th StWilmington01
14123416/1/2019492 Walnut Shade RdDover00
14123236/1/20191100 block of E 13th StWilmington02
14164256/1/20191200 block of N Walnut StWilmington00
14115696/1/201912327 DuPont BlvdEllendale01
14123266/1/2019211 W Loockerman StDover10
14128276/1/2019Fourth AveClaymont01
14115715/31/201924th St and Market StWilmington01
14123385/31/201920000 block of Mellin RdSeaford00
14211265/30/20191700 block of Lancaster AveWilmington00
14123465/29/2019Wicklow RdBear00
14153495/29/2019Cedar St and Wright StWilmington00
14187035/29/2019900 block of E 17th StWilmington00
14052935/26/2019Courtside Dr and Forrest AveDover00
14050595/24/2019600 block of Taylor StWilmington01
15080975/24/2019300 block of Concord AveWilmington00
14137135/24/2019700 block of S Van Buren StWilmington00
14035685/23/2019400 block of S Governors AveDover01
14137115/23/2019100 block of N Van Buren StWilmington00
14039495/23/201950 block of Stevenson DrDover02
14031545/22/20192400 block of Millstone DrNewark00
14101365/22/20191100 block of W 4th StWilmington00
14050825/21/201922971 Suburban BlvdLewes00
14092865/21/20199th St and Tatnall StWilmington00
14007595/20/2019400 block of Tatnall StWilmington01
14016425/20/2019White Oak Rd and Stevenson DrDover00
13999845/19/2019Barrister Pl and S Little Creek RdDover01
13999785/19/2019500 block of Millchop LnMagnolia01
13992725/19/2019800 block of E 13th StWilmington01
13999835/18/2019400 block of Barrister PlDover00
13992695/18/20191213 West AveNew Castle00
13988085/17/2019800 block of Towne CtWilmington01
14092815/17/201916th St and Jessup StWilmington00
14035645/16/2019300 block of E 7th StWilmington00
13970035/16/2019700 block of Pulaski HwyBear00
14035625/16/2019400 block of Delamore PlWilmington00
14026235/15/2019700 block of W 4th StWilmington00
13975605/15/20198000 block of Clendaniel Pond RdLincoln00
14007615/15/20192800 block of N Tatnall StWilmington00
13955315/14/2019DE 13 and DE 42Cheswold00
13955295/14/2019S DuPont Hwy and Center StHarrington00
13967045/10/2019300 block of E 23rd StWilmington00
13916505/9/20196th St and N Madison StWilmington01
13904935/8/2019100 block of N Rodney StWilmington01
13956625/8/2019500 block of Washington StWilmington00
13907145/8/201950 block of Westerly StNewark01
13898375/7/20198700 block of Garden LnSeaford00
13865755/4/2019W 27th St and Tatnall StWilmington04
13866235/4/2019865 N Dupont HwyDover01
13866125/3/20194737 Concord PikeWilmington00
13882545/3/2019400 block of Barrister PlDover00
13866155/3/201950 block of McMullen AveNew Castle (Wilmington Manor)01
13848625/1/201950 block of S New StDover00
13848555/1/20192400 block of Pine StWilmington12
13848604/30/20199817 Spotless StSeaford00
13848594/30/2019Brookmont Dr and Flamingo DrNewark00
13882514/29/20191300 block of Pennsylvania AveWilmington00
13856314/26/2019500 block of Willing StWilmington00
13798254/25/20192400 block of Hickman RdGreenwood00
13798174/24/201921306 Legal DrGeorgetown01
13929964/24/2019E 22nd St and N Spruce StWilmington00
13841624/23/20191900 block of Maryland AveWilmington00
13907204/23/20195th Ave and Duncan StWilmington00
14897274/22/2019W 29th StWilmington00
13768994/20/201950 block of Robin DrHockessin00
14217894/19/2019Craft RdBridgeville00
13757034/18/2019600 block of Dairy DrSmyrna00
13798334/17/2019400 block of W 7th StWilmington00
13798304/16/2019500 block of W 26th StWilmington00
13701724/12/20193125 New Castle AveNew Castle02
13776264/9/2019900 block of Vandever AveWilmington00
13651734/7/2019940 N Pine StWilmington06
13626724/3/20191400 block of W 3rd StWilmington10
13611844/1/2019100 Charles WayGeorgetown00
13626813/31/2019Canal StDelaware City00
13591793/30/201950 block of Weston DrDover10
13611783/30/20191800 block of Pennsylvania AveWilmington00
13601453/30/2019Rehoboth Ave and Columbia AveRehoboth Beach00
13576243/27/2019Irons Ln and Old Mill RdDagsboro01
13585103/27/20193000 block of 4th AveClaymont00
13565353/27/20191 Chandler StSeaford00
13571873/27/2019480 Country DrDover01
13571753/26/20193000 block of Halltown RdHartly00
13746483/26/20192400 block of Tatnall StWilmington01
13564113/20/2019500 block of Madison StWilmington00
13486053/16/20192200 block of Baynard BlvdWilmington01
13777303/15/20192900 block of Tatnall StWilmington00
13480703/14/201929000 block of Colonial Estates AveMillsboro00
13465343/13/2019104 Richards DrWilmington10
13490893/13/2019400 block of W 7th StWilmington00
13462033/12/2019300 block of S Union StWilmington00
13571843/12/20191100 block of E 14th StWilmington00
13454253/11/2019200 block of Saw Mill RdTownsend00
13437903/11/201950 block of W 26th StWilmington20
13437983/10/201911000 block of 5th StBridgeville00
13465293/9/2019S Shell Bridge Rd and Holly Branch DrLaurel10
13454513/9/2019W Main St and Hillside RdNewark00
13465313/9/2019400 block of W 8th StWilmington00
13420733/7/2019800 block of N Grant AveWilmington01
13429453/7/2019300 block of Grygo RdMarydel00
13420753/7/20193500 block of Washington StWilmington11
13417413/6/2019700 block of Tatnall StWilmington11
13411453/6/2019400 block of Barrister PlDover00
13411423/6/2019Primrose DrDover00
13415003/6/201950 block of Raven TurnNewark10
13407923/4/201950 Block of Village DrDover00
13392653/2/2019699 S Carter RdSmyrna00
13619523/1/201928000 block of Carpenter RdMilton00
13376243/1/2019106 Main StWilmington (Stanton)00
13359322/26/2019Northeast Blvd and Thatcher StWilmington01
13351532/25/2019600 block of N Jefferson StWilmington01
13359412/23/201920300 block of Wesley Church RdSeaford00
13334562/22/2019200 block of Market StFrederica00
13351612/22/201955 Loockerman PlazaDover00
13424392/21/2019N/ANew Castle00
13323042/21/201913 S Cedar Creek CtBear01
13317072/21/2019300 block of N Pine StSeaford00
13324842/21/20191069 McQuail RdSmyrna00
13309012/18/2019400 block of New Castle AveDover00
13294912/17/201929000 block of Colony DrDagsboro00
13295122/16/201911 S Lombard StFelton00
13290672/16/201932000 block of Spruce CtLewes00
13290542/16/201950 block of Dorothy CirOcean View00
13279692/14/20198700 block of Park Brown RdHarrington10
13308982/14/20192nd St and Van Buren StWilmington00
13308962/14/20191100 block of Kirkwood StWilmington00
13258672/13/2019200 block of S Governors BlvdDover00
13257472/12/201936179 Palace LnRehoboth Beach00
13257462/12/20199000 block of Concord RdSeaford00
13232862/8/2019400 block of Heald StWilmington01
13232932/7/201950 block of Wildfields CtBear00
13212712/7/2019383 N DuPont HwyDover00
13228472/6/201950 block of Jensen DrWilmington01
13279752/4/20191400 block of N Walnut StWilmington00
13188462/3/2019DE 4 and Champlain AveWilmington01
13188502/2/2019President DrDover00
13188432/2/201951 Webbs LnDover01
13180962/2/2019W 27th St and Moore StWilmington01
13203352/2/20192500 block of Bowers StWilmington00
13180902/1/2019Christiana Rd and Catherine StNew Castle00
13172351/31/20191100 block of Pleasant StWilmington10
13228591/31/2019W 7th St and N Monroe StWilmington00
13169541/30/20193600 block of S Little Creek RdDover00
13149571/28/2019400 block of N Pine StSeaford00
13149541/28/2019700 block of N Madison StWilmington01
13133261/26/20193700 block of N Van Buren StWilmington03
13127011/25/2019W 39th St and Shipley StWilmington01
13126701/25/201911000 block of Fisher CirBridgeville00
13126671/25/201930000 block of Squirrel LnDagsboro00
13108221/24/20192702 Jacqueline DrWilmington10
13084731/22/20192300 block of Pine StWilmington10
13069001/20/2019Coverdale Rd and Hastings Farm RdSeaford00
13069011/19/201950 block of Mill Park DrBridgeville00
13055341/18/20191551 Pulaski HighwayBear01
14413521/17/2019Railway RdMillville00
13042901/17/2019400 block of E 11th StWilmington01
13032131/16/2019600 block of E 5th StWilmington02
13020861/15/20191200 block of Conrad StWilmington10
13009301/13/2019300 block of Frear DrDover00
12992661/10/201935 E Loockerman StDover00
12953371/7/2019700 block of N Dupont StWilmington01
12944481/6/201950 block of 3rd StFrederica00
12937761/5/2019200 block of Kentwood DrDover10
13009261/3/2019N/AKent (county)00
12910691/2/20191120 S College AveNewark00
12905681/2/2019100 block of Gelden RdFelton00
12896241/1/20191101 E 8th StWilmington01
IDDateAddressCity# Killed# Injured
189133212/31/20E 8th St and N Pine StWilmington01
189175312/31/20506 Union StMilton01
189245012/31/20100 block of Spruance RdDover01
189093712/30/20201 E Evens DrViola01
189072812/30/20500 block of E 8th StWilmington01
188907412/28/20E Water St and River RdDover00
188802212/27/2050 block of S New StDover00
188742212/27/20100 block of S New StDover01
188741612/26/20E 35th St and N Locust StWilmington10
188667012/25/20Williamsville RdHouston00
188667612/25/20820 Carvel DrDover10
188741912/24/20100 block of Beachfield DrRehoboth Beach01
188469012/22/20Willis Branch Dr and Beaufort CtDover00
188361612/21/203000 block of New Castle AveNew Castle02
188469112/21/20500 block of Cow Marsh Creek RdCamden Wyoming (Camden)00
188321612/21/20200 block of N Dupont StWilmington10
188146912/19/20S Queen St and Reed StDover01
188284912/19/20461 N DuPont HwyDover00
188147112/18/20Union Church RdTownsend00
188198812/18/201 Delaware StNew Castle00
188049512/17/20200 block of E Main StNewark00
187843012/14/20300 block of W 29th StWilmington00
187816912/14/2050 block of Bristol WayNew Castle10
187660312/13/2050 block of Todd LnNewark01
187656112/13/20E Lake St and Jefferson StMiddletown10
187656512/12/20Polk Rd and S Rodney DrWilmington (Edgemoor)01
187660712/12/20I-95 and Harvey RdClaymont01
187660012/12/2039 Fairway RdNewark20
187656312/11/20117 Wilton BlvdNew Castle01
187479412/10/2019540 Coastal HwyRehoboth Beach11
187488812/10/20Boulden Blvd and Boulden CirNew Castle03
187416512/10/20300 block of E 23rd StWilmington10
187491712/10/20100 block of Rose LnNew Castle11
187489812/09/20I-95 and Churchmans RdNewark01
187404912/09/20100 block of Stroud StWilmington01
187237712/07/20800 block of Library AveNewark01
188198212/06/20Church StNewark00
187405512/05/20400 block of North StSeaford01
189801812/04/2021000 block of Mill Park DrBridgeville01
186985212/03/20400 block of North StSeaford02
186804712/02/20W 6th St and Willing StWilmington00
186628111/30/201700 block of Conrad StWilmington01
186524911/29/20Arbor Ave and Chesterfield DrNew Castle11
186492011/29/202700 block of Northeast BlvdWilmington01
186393011/28/2031000 block of Country GardensDagsboro10
186449611/28/20600 block of New Castle AveWilmington01
186392411/27/2014000 block of Old Furnace RdGeorgetown10
186450311/26/201500 block of Stonebridge BlvdNew Castle01
186291911/26/20500 block of E 9th StWilmington01
186939711/25/20600 block of N Jefferson StWilmington00
185979411/22/20800 block of S Little Creek RdDover01
185858711/21/20New St and Cole BlvdMiddletown10
185780511/20/209th St and Kirkwood StWilmington01
186804511/18/202400 block of N Market StWilmington00
185323011/15/20Ashley DrNew Castle10
185259211/14/20Estates Dr and Conlin CtNew Castle10
185227011/13/20Stevenson DrDover01
185096511/12/203601 Wrangle Hill RdBear00
184997011/11/20100 block of W 23rd StWilmington01
184574911/06/20Buckley Blvd and Pulaski HwyBear01
184350011/04/2050 block of Rose LnNew Castle02
184349811/04/20800 block of N Pine StWilmington01
184005010/31/2022518 Lewes-Georgetown HwyGeorgetown00
183955910/31/20100 block of Cherry StDover00
183883110/29/201300 block of E 24th StWilmington01
183956010/28/20Lincoln StSelbyville00
183829610/28/20W Division St and S West StDover00
183603310/27/20300 block of W 7th StWilmington01
183468710/25/201100 block of N Heald StWilmington10
183468910/25/202300 block of N Pine StWilmington10
183562010/25/20Kristin CtSmyrna00
183379810/24/20900 block of N Pine StWilmington01
183379610/24/20700 block of N Madison StWilmington01
183303310/24/2022 Marrows RdNewark11
184267710/22/201400 block of N Harrison StWilmington00
183027110/20/201100 Pulaski HwyBear10
183562110/20/201000 block of Westlawn CtWilmington (Edgemoor)00
183027310/20/20701 Little Creek DrLaurel01
182867710/16/20200 block of SE 2nd StMilford00
182585110/15/20Steel RdDover00
182488610/14/20N 22nd St and E Church StWilmington01
182197710/11/20700 block of E 10th StWilmington10
182139310/10/20Harvey Straughn RdTownsend00
181984210/09/20Haines AveWilmington (Edgemoor)01
182410110/09/20Wheatleys Pond RdSmyrna00
181983510/09/201300 block of E 29th StWilmington03
182139110/09/20Screenhouse LnMillsboro00
182138910/09/2020800 block of W Springside DrMilton00
181923010/08/20902 N Dupont BlvdMilford00
181922310/07/20E 24th St and Lamotte StWilmington02
181706910/06/202300 block of Jessup StWilmington01
181527310/04/201300 block of W 5th StWilmington01
181237710/02/204010 N Dupont HwyNew Castle20
181325410/02/20140 Pencader PlazaNewark00
181404110/02/20200 block of David Hall RdDover10
181042309/30/20400 block of Morehouse DrWilmington01
181142309/30/20410 Eagle Run RdNewark (Christiana)01
180919709/28/201200 block of Pleasant StWilmington01
180826709/27/20100 block of Willis RdDover00
180822309/27/20100 Electric AveDover11
180828209/26/20700 block of Forest StDover00
180618409/26/2050 block of 9th AveWilmington10
180568409/24/203408 Lancaster PikeWilmington00
180459909/24/201100 block of Maryland AveWilmington01
180459309/23/201022 Delaware AveWilmington10
180459109/23/20800 block of W 7th StWilmington01
180458509/23/204817 Governor Printz BlvdWilmington03
180288409/22/202400 block of N Tatnall StWilmington02
180087509/20/2050 block of Tamarack AveWilmington (Elsmere)02
180184809/19/20Woodland Beach RdSmyrna00
180183109/19/20N Thistle WayNewark00
179993009/18/20900 Churchmans RdNewark00
179820709/16/20300 Aurora PlMilford10
179659509/15/20600 block of N Lincoln StWilmington02
179821109/14/20900 blocks of N Church StMilford00
179537709/14/20Vandever Ave and N Locust StWilmington10
179446209/13/201700 block of Tulip StWilmington10
179331509/12/20Pine St and Taylor StWilmington01
179331009/12/20200 block of S Harrison StWilmington10
179331209/12/20500 block of S Locust StWilmington01
179331709/12/20E 23rd St and Pine StWilmington01
179361809/12/20100 block of Lincoln StSmyrna02
179703209/10/20100 block of Willis RdDover00
179089809/09/204800 block of Governor Printz BlvdWilmington10
179056809/09/203400 block of Church StWilmington20
178950709/08/201000 block of W 7th StWilmington01
178950509/08/20500 block of Pine StWilmington10
178735009/06/205000 block of Canterbury RdFelton00
178970809/06/201210 White Oak RdDover01
178600909/05/20600 block of W 5th StWilmington01
178482909/03/20100 block of W 40th StWilmington02
178482409/03/20E Redbrook PlSmyrna00
178265409/02/20200 block of N Madison StWilmington01
178386209/02/20300 block of Simon CirDover00
178484109/02/20711 Pulaski HwyBear00
179498309/01/201500 block of W 7th StWilmington00
178265909/01/20300 Isabelle IsleDover01
178085708/31/20700 block of Jefferson StWilmington01
178266408/31/20100 block of Willis RdDover00
178043808/30/201500 block of W 3rd StWilmington02
178037408/30/2050 block of N Avon DrClaymont01
178044308/30/20800 block of N Monroe StWilmington01
177910408/28/201100 block of W 2nd StWilmington01
179702008/28/201000 block of Shallcross AveWilmington00
177792208/27/2012000 block of N Old State RdEllendale10
177793408/27/202275 Pulaski HwyNewark00
177791008/27/20800 block of Tatnall StWilmington01
177790708/27/203209 Miller RdWilmington02
177681208/26/20642 S Queen StDover00
177461108/24/20Edgemoor Rd and Marsh RdWilmington01
177303508/23/2050 block of E 24th StWilmington02
177232308/23/20700 block of E 10th StWilmington01
177320708/23/20W 7th St and West StWilmington00
177216208/22/20240 Chapman RdNewark01
177215708/21/20700 block of Collins AveSeaford02
177215508/21/20805 S Governors AveDover00
177081308/21/20700 block of N Washington StWilmington01
176861008/19/20Rysing Dr and Polk RdWilmington (Edgemoor)11
176666008/15/20411 S Queen StDover00
177561708/15/201300 block of E 29th StWilmington00
176544108/15/202500 block of N Tatnall StWilmington01
176155508/11/202400 block of Washington StWilmington01
176329008/11/201515 N DuPont PkwyNew Castle00
176398108/11/2050 block of Cherry Dr WMagnolia00
176155208/10/20800 block of N Pine StWilmington11
176248308/10/20100 block of W Main StNewark00
175868308/08/2022588 Bridgeville HwySeaford10
176155008/08/20240 Chapman RdNewark00
176154908/08/20200 block of N Governors BlvdDover00
175820808/07/20E 24th St and Carter StWilmington01
175869208/07/20W 29th St and Washington StWilmington01
175748208/06/202300 block of Carter StWilmington02
175645108/05/202700 block of N Market StWilmington02
175560108/04/20S New St and Reed StDover00
175559808/04/202300 block of Carter StWilmington01
174928807/29/20900 block of N Lombard StWilmington10
175015707/29/205209 Concord PikeWilmington00
174928107/28/201100 block of Beech StWilmington22
174829807/28/209 Pennsylvania AveMilford10
174787407/27/20E 12th St and N Walnut StWilmington01
174830707/26/20Golden Arrow CtMillsboro00
174760407/26/20100 block of N Franklin StWilmington01
174834707/25/20N Governors BlvdDover00
174537407/24/2050 block of Jensen DrWilmington02
174605607/24/201440 N Dupont HwyDover00
174366007/23/20E 25th St and Jessup StWilmington01
174121907/19/2022000 block of Pine Haven RdLincoln00
174016707/19/20Court Dr and Lancaster AveWilmington (Elsmere)00
173882907/18/2050 block of E 13th StWilmington01
173940707/18/20Betsy Ross CirMilford00
173883707/18/2070 Court DrWilmington01
173794807/16/20100 N DuPont HwyDover00
173748907/16/202800 block of Northeast BlvdWilmington01
173795607/15/20Aurora Pl and Allen WayMilford00
173576107/15/20500 block of Homestead RdWilmington01
173661007/15/20Betsy Ross CirMilford01
173575807/14/20Bedford DrWilmington00
173574707/14/20400 block of E Water StDover00
173573607/14/20400 block of N Madison StWilmington01
173575607/14/20S Clifton Ave and Sylvan AveWilmington01
179169907/14/20Locust St and E Commerce StSmyrna01
173328907/13/20700 block of W 4th StWilmington01
173330107/13/2028000 block of Fisher RdMilton00
173328707/12/20800 block of W 23rd StWilmington01
173231707/12/2050 block of Skinner LnFelton00
173232107/11/20600 block of N Pine StWilmington05
172964707/09/20600 block of N Madison StWilmington01
173050407/09/2021000 block of Mill Park DrBridgeville00
172875207/08/20S DuPont Hwy and Loockerman StDover10
172964907/08/20100 block of Mast CirDover01
172966007/07/20N New St and Fulton StDover00
172874407/07/20100 block of N Franklin StWilmington02
172788107/06/20100 block of S New StDover10
172788407/06/20400 block of E Water StDover00
172654407/06/20800 block of N Pine StWilmington10
172785907/06/20800 block of E 13th StWilmington10
172530607/05/20300 block of N Clayton StWilmington11
172787407/05/20400 block of Flower Hall DrMiddletown02
173234807/04/2050 block of Thorn CtNew Castle12
172503007/04/20W 29th St and Washington StWilmington01
172356307/03/20200 block of N Rodney StWilmington01
172655107/02/20Main St and Daisey RdMillsboro00
173234506/29/2050 block of Madison DrNewark00
172064006/29/20100 block of S New StDover00
171981306/28/20200 block of E 25th StWilmington01
171902506/27/201000 block of W 8th StWilmington01
171749306/26/20E 7th St and N Spruce StWilmington01
171626406/25/20300 block of E 13th StWilmington11
171512306/23/20100 block of N Rodney StWilmington01
171399906/23/20Lambert DrMagnolia01
171156606/21/20100 block of S Dupont StWilmington02
171251706/21/20800 block of Millchop LnMagnolia00
171156306/20/2010000 block of Memory RdGreenwood01
171108006/19/205485 S Dupont HwyDover00
170964006/19/20200 block of N New StDover00
170963106/19/20900 block of Vandever AveWilmington03
170962306/18/20100 block of E 24th StWilmington01
170962106/18/202300 block of N Washington StWilmington01
170779606/16/201700 block of Locust StWilmington10
170779906/16/20W 3rd St and N Clayton StWilmington02
171253206/16/2050 block of Clark StHarrington00
170695706/15/2034000 block of Lynch RdMillsboro00
170695306/14/20700 block of Messicks RdHarrington00
170640606/14/20400 block of Pine StSeaford01
170326506/11/20Springside DrMilton00
170068106/09/2050 block of S New StDover02
170066906/08/20Becky LnDover00
170068706/08/201259 Corn Crib RdHarrington00
169879906/06/2033000 block of Sandy Bay DrLewes01
169907806/06/202900 block of N Washington StWilmington01
169876306/05/20400 block of Barrister PlDover02
169875906/05/20900 block of Bennett StWilmington10
169749206/04/20500 block of E 3rd StWilmington01
169584106/03/20100 block of Hampton DrDover00
169496306/02/20B St and Townsend StWilmington01
169498306/01/20800 block of Woodcrest TurnDover00
169497306/01/20300 block of Kesselring AveDover10
169750205/31/202644 Capitol TrailNewark00
169317505/31/20500 block of Capitol TrailNewark01
169499505/31/20Cecil St and N Governors AveDover01
169353205/30/20600 block of W 5th StWilmington01
169352705/30/20600 block of W 7th StWilmington02
169352305/30/20400 block of W 31st StWilmington01
169500105/30/209000 block of Middleford RdSeaford00
169406705/30/20Simon CirDover01
169406205/30/202600 block of Kenton RdDover00
169407505/29/2028000 block of W Springside DrMilton00
169230105/29/20800 block of Tatnall StWilmington01
169185705/28/20Cattle DrFelton00
169053505/27/20520 JFK Memorial HwyNewark01
169054205/26/20100 block of Pritchett RdMilford00
168857305/26/20400 block of S Lake DrMilton00
168888005/26/202200 block of Washington StWilmington01
168857805/25/20400 block of Barrister PlDover00
168849905/25/20300 block of Kemper DrNewark01
168855405/24/201300 S Farmview DrDover01
168579705/21/20200 block of N Queen StDover00
168474105/21/20E 9th St and N Church StWilmington01
169054405/17/2050 block of S Clayton StWilmington00
168174105/17/201800 block of W 3rd StWilmington01
168222405/17/202300 block of Carter StWilmington02
168410905/16/20200 block of W 22nd StWilmington00
168181405/16/204th AveClaymont01
168152805/16/2021000 block of Mayhew DrLincoln00
167960705/14/202400 block of Jefferson StWilmington01
168153805/14/2018000 block of S Old State RdEllendale00
167715005/10/204000 block of Vermont DrDover00
167685305/10/20100 Block of Willis RdDover01
167685705/09/20150 N DuPont HwyDover00
167507205/08/202465 Chesapeake City RdBear30
167503305/07/20600 block of Maryland AveWilmington01
167346705/02/203602 Miller RdWilmington00
167087905/01/20117 Washington AveWilmington00
166850804/28/20100 block of Ashton StWilmington10
167432904/28/201700 block of Lancaster AveWilmington00
166825304/28/20S Rodney Dr and Bedford DrWilmington (Edgemoor)02
167348404/28/20900 block of Red Lion RdBear00
167280504/27/20Beaver Dam RdEllendale00
166678804/26/20Briarwood RdGeorgetown00
166634804/25/20800 block of W 5th StWilmington01
166433404/22/209000 block of Willow Grove RdCamden Wyoming (Camden)00
166304304/20/20300 block of Millchop LnMagnolia00
166233304/19/20100 block of Carvel AveNew Castle00
166223104/19/207th St and Washington StWilmington02
166153404/18/2050 block of S Rodney DrWilmington02
166166804/18/202000 block of Pickwick DrMilton01
166054004/17/203000 block of Green StClaymont02
166129104/17/208953 S Dupont HwyFelton00
166305204/14/20400 block of Vandever AveWilmington00
165861404/13/2050 block of New London AveNewark00
165733004/12/20E 11th St and N Walnut StWilmington01
165732604/11/20Presidents Dr and N Governors BlvdDover00
165614404/10/20600 block of N Franklin StWilmington01
165451104/07/20300 block of W 20th StWilmington00
165379504/07/20200 block of N Madison StWilmington10
165449804/07/20400 block of W 30th StWilmington02
165439904/07/20W 7th St and N Monroe StWilmington01
165449004/06/202000 block of Sunset Lake RdNewark01
165378004/06/20Rd 413 and Daisey RdMillsboro01
165377004/06/201300 block of Barney Jenkins RdFelton00
165234304/04/2050 block of W 27th StWilmington01
164963603/31/20300 block of W 26th StWilmington01
164887403/30/2069 Greenridge DrNewark01
164653903/26/203000 block of N Monroe StWilmington01
164654303/25/2028000 block of Delaware AveMillsboro01
164538103/24/20Hazeldell Ave and Milford StNew Castle (Minquadale)01
164603103/23/2050 block of Plymouth DrNewark00
164357003/21/20700 block of N Huckleberry AveBear01
164293203/17/202500 block of N West StWilmington00
164153603/17/20300 block of W 37th StWilmington01
164153303/16/20100 block of Blackbird Greenspring RdSmyrna00
163785803/10/20Bennetts Pier RdMilford01
164211303/07/20500 block of W 7th StWilmington00
163546803/06/2022588 Bridgeville HwySeaford01
163482203/05/203200 block of W 2nd StWilmington01
163415603/04/202501 Ebright RdWilmington00
163349503/02/20400 block of Ann Moore StDover00
163162502/28/208000 block of Virginia Pine RdLincoln00
162997002/27/20Virginia Pine Ln and Johnson RdLincoln00
162932702/25/20Pine Cabin Rd and Lemay LnDover10
162720402/23/2019178 Coastal HighwayRehoboth Beach00
162697102/22/20102 S Flack AveFrederica20
162697402/22/202200 block of Washington StWilmington01
162997802/22/202700 block of W 5th StWilmington00
162862302/21/201400 block of Garfield DrDover00
162586302/20/20100 block of Central Park DrHarrington00
162573402/20/201601 N Spruce StWilmington01
162488302/19/20E 7th St and N Pine StWilmington03
162721602/19/20300 block of Concord AveWilmington00
162436002/18/201800 block of W 6th StWilmington01
162362102/18/201100 block of Chestnut StWilmington01
162439002/18/20600 block of S Old Baltimore PikeNewark00
162506102/18/20W North St and Simon CirDover01
162362502/16/208000 block of Slaughter Beach RdMilford00
162287502/16/20800 block of N Adams StWilmington20
162247502/15/20100 Bennett CtWilmington (Newport)10
162295702/15/20900 block of Carvel DrDover00
162294702/15/201706 Philadelphia PikeWilmington00
162224902/15/202300 block of Pine StWilmington01
162224702/15/204000 block of Ogletown Stanton RdNewark01
162247802/14/20700 block of Norman Eskridge HwySeaford00
162862502/13/201000 block of N Pine StWilmington00
162586502/13/20300 block of Cedar DrLincoln00
161979202/11/20300 block of N Broom StWilmington01
161979402/11/2024000 block of Middlecord CircleSeaford00
161907602/11/20800 block of N Adams StWilmington01
161952902/10/204060 N DuPont HwyNew Castle00
161906402/10/20200 block of W Reed StDover14
161805002/07/20100 block of Terry DrMagnolia00
161492902/05/202212 N Market StWilmington10
161376102/04/20100 block of Creekbend DrDover00
167714602/02/2050 block of Terry DrMagnolia00
161266402/02/2050 block of W 27th StWilmington01
161189102/01/20100 block of Garden CirGeorgetown01
161701001/31/20900 block of SE Front StMilford00
160820801/29/20100 block of Maple DrFrederica00
161015401/29/20500 Persimmon Tree LnDover00
160929801/29/20400 block of Sussex AveDover00
160905001/29/20600 block of E 6th StWilmington01
160929601/28/20200 block of Nob Hill RdDover00
160823301/27/20400 block of Collins DrDover00
160753401/27/2018000 block of Hudson RdMilton00
160574701/26/20100 block of Terry DrMagnolia01
160574901/25/20800 block of N West StWilmington01
160564301/24/2070 Greenway SquareDover10
160443301/23/20100 block of S Van Buren StWilmington00
160443201/23/201200 block of N French StWilmington00
160442301/23/20300 block of Woodlawn AveWilmington01
160270201/22/20100 block of Alonzo DrDover00
160356101/22/20500 block of N Monroe StWilmington00
160443001/22/2012000 block of Ponder RdEllendale00
160269601/21/20239 Old North RdCamden Wyoming (Camden)00
160195201/21/2050 block of Steele RdDover00
160197001/20/201251 Centerville RdWilmington00
160093701/19/20400 block of N Spruce StWilmington01
160093501/19/201200 block of Chestnut StWilmington01
160093401/19/201300 block of Barney Jenkins RdFelton01
160008501/18/202700 block of N Claymont StWilmington01
159946001/17/20N Farmview DrDover00
159885201/16/20S Bay Rd and President DrDover00
159884501/16/20400 block of Queen StWilmington01
159787701/14/20500 Persimmon Tree LnDover00
159578601/14/20300 block of W 6th StWilmington10
159578801/13/2022000 block of Danfield DrHarbeson00
159684001/13/2050 block of Salem Village SquareNewark00
160822001/12/20W 25th St and N West StWilmington00
159506601/12/20900 block of W North StDover01
159420901/11/20700 block of N Spruce StWilmington01
159507001/10/2050 block of S New StDover00
159205001/08/2011000 block of Buckingham DrDelmar01
159043401/06/20Paul St and Davis CirDover10
159043701/06/20S Governors BlvdDover00
158935501/05/205 Linstone LnMilford10
158881501/02/20S Governors BlvdDover00
158528301/01/20400 block of Collins DrDover02
IDDateAddressCity# Killed# Injured
220038812/29/211300 block of B StWilmington02
219734612/25/21100 N Barrett LnNewark10
219545412/22/2111000 block of Abbys WayBridgeville10
219101612/15/21E 3rd St and N Lombard StWilmington01
218751412/11/218th St and Kirkwood StWilmington01
218445712/07/21100 block of Madison DrNewark01
218445112/06/21100 block of E 27th StWilmington10
218496312/06/21E Laurel St and N Race StGeorgetown01
218346712/05/21701 Maryland AvenueWilmington01
218137612/02/21100 block of Emilys Pintail DrBridgeville20
218072312/02/21700 block of E 4th StWilmington01
218132912/02/212600 block of Thatcher StWilmington01
217988112/01/211200 block of W Third StWilmington10
217989111/30/21334 E Main StNewark01
217987711/30/21800 block of Kirkwood StWilmington10
217812411/29/21600 block of Taylor AveWilmington02
217751111/28/211300 block of Elm StWilmington10
217441411/23/21Peach St and S Heald StWilmington10
217239211/21/2119266 Coastal HwyRehoboth Beach01
217145411/19/2125000 block of Crab Alley EMillsboro (Long Neck)01
217113611/18/211061 S Little Creek RdDover01
217007511/17/21Tatnall St and W 29th StWilmington10
216753611/14/21600 block of Van Buren StWilmington10
216540911/11/21S New St and W Reed StDover01
216478411/11/211300 block of W 5th StWilmington01
216343011/08/211801 Milltown RdWilmington00
215863611/03/21700 block of N Monroe StWilmington01
215703011/01/21US-113 and Hardscrabble RdGeorgetown01
215910710/31/211111 Grazing CtLaurel01
215380110/28/213006 New Castle AveNew Castle10
215251110/27/21I-95 and Airport RdNew Castle01
215252510/27/21700 Duck Creek PkwySmyrna00
215221010/27/21800 block of Towne CtWilmington01
215086810/25/21W 7th St and N West StWilmington01
214962410/24/2111000 block of Hastings Farm RdSeaford10
215086310/24/2150 block of W 27th StWilmington10
214906910/23/21200 block of W 30th StWilmington10
214803710/21/21W 5th St and N Madison StWilmington02
214718010/21/2130000 block of Bethany CrestOcean View10
214719310/20/211300 block of Maryland AveWilmington01
214667510/19/211 Dover High DrDover00
214365810/17/21W 3rd St and N Clayton StWilmington10
214370610/16/21S Little Creek Rd and Barrister PlaceDover01
214293710/15/21300 block of W 6th StWilmington01
214069210/12/211000 block of Kirkwood StWilmington10
214067710/11/21600 block of Schoonover LnMiddletown01
213755510/10/211500 block of Nathaniel Mitchell RdDover14
213708110/09/21100 block of Madison DrNewark01
213172210/02/213800 block of Governor Printz BlvdWilmington10
213085710/01/213900 block of Wheatleys Pond RdClayton01
212712409/26/212200 block of North Spruce StWilmington10
212619109/26/21700 block of N Washington StWilmington01
212552109/25/21400 block of N Monroe StWilmington10
212371409/23/211300 block of E 29th StWilmington10
212275309/22/21E 28th and Jessup StWilmington01
212187709/20/21Taylor St and Bennett StWilmington01
212022109/19/21800 block of 7½ StWilmington01
212014509/19/21New Castle Ave and E Water StDover01
212021909/18/21100 block of S Harrison StWilmington01
211856609/17/214737 Concord PikeWilmington01
211712109/14/21Pleasant St and Van Buren StWilmington01
211550809/12/21Chestnut St and S Harrison StWilmington11
211372109/11/21N Dupont Hwy and E Hazeldell AveNew Castle01
211551309/11/21104 Sandburg PlNewark01
211291309/09/211901 S College AveNewark00
211206309/09/21200 block of N Van Buren StWilmington01
211034609/07/21A St and New Castle AveWilmington04
211058109/07/213rd St and Harrison StWilmington01
210799709/03/21100 Block of Lincoln StSmyrna00
210588308/31/21100 block of Freedom TrailNew Castle10
210412108/29/2150 Block of N Howard StSmyrna01
210411708/29/212500 block of West StWilmington01
210243508/27/21US-13 and Concord RdSeaford01
210095208/26/211950 Maryland AveWilmington10
209823508/22/211001 White Oak RdDover01
209738308/21/211700 block of W 5th StWilmington01
209734608/21/212000 Block of Dyke Branch RdDover10
209738108/21/21300 block of S Broom StWilmington01
209251208/16/21200 block of S Broom StWilmington01
209187408/15/2167 New StMiddletown01
209187008/15/21I-95 and Churchmans RdNewark01
209251908/15/21500 block of E 9th StWilmington01
209186208/14/212700 block of Bowers StWilmington10
209251408/14/21107 W Loockerman StDover02
208939008/12/211200 block of W 4th StWilmington10
208664608/09/21995 Whatcoat DrDover00
208574108/08/21295 S DuPont HwyDover01
208662208/08/21700 block of E 10th StWilmington02
208499908/07/21Conrad St and N Scott StWilmington01
208499608/07/21400 block of W 29th StWilmington10
208499408/06/21800 block of N West StWilmington01
208367208/04/21100 block of N Harrison StWilmington01
208212808/02/21Glen Ave and Dyer AveNew Castle01
208025708/01/2150 block of Stevenson DrDover01
207947507/30/211000 Churchmans RdNewark01
207947107/30/21Korean War Veterans Memorial Hwy and Pulaski HwyBear01
207946407/30/211000 block of N Pine StWilmington01
207560807/26/211100 block of W 2nd StWilmington31
207561207/26/212400 block of Jessup StWilmington11
207591407/26/21600 block of N Monroe StWilmington11
207402607/24/21400 block of Barrister PlDover01
207326707/24/21995 Whatcoat DrDover01
207167407/22/2160 block of E Cole BlvdMiddletown00
207166807/22/21200 block of N Clayton StWilmington01
206997207/20/21400 block of Wollaston AveNewark10
207498407/20/21900 Woodland Mills DrSeaford01
207498307/20/21400 block of North StSeaford00
206732907/19/211156 S Bay RdDover02
206880707/19/2150 block of W 27th StWilmington01
206650307/18/211200 block of Harrison DrDover01
206732507/18/218000 block of Cannon RdBridgeville00
206599607/15/21East St and NE 4th StMilford01
206339407/14/2150 block of Balfour AveClaymont22
206109107/13/21100 block of W Loockerman StDover01
206142007/13/211300 block of W 6th StWilmington01
205911607/09/21200 block of Cecil StDover01
206734507/09/211600 block of Coleman StNew Castle10
205789007/08/211200 block of W Fourth StWilmington00
205523607/06/211300 block of Read StWilmington01
205577607/06/21600 block of Moores LnNew Castle01
205360907/05/21700 block of Elbert PlWilmington10
205279207/03/21100 block of Madison DrNewark01
205190607/02/212300 block of N West StWilmington01
205190407/02/212500 block of N Tatnall StWilmington01
205190207/02/21900 block of Lombard StWilmington10
205070907/01/2113 Salem Village SquareNewark01
205070707/01/217th St and N Jefferson StWilmington01
204925506/30/21600 block of N Madison StWilmington01
205016706/30/21100 block of S New StDover13
204805806/28/21132 Christiana MallNewark10
204707906/27/21700 block of N Jefferson StWilmington03
204618206/27/211 Louis CtNewark12
205788606/27/21200 block of N Harrison StWilmington00
204575006/25/21W Atlantic StFenwick Island00
204624006/25/2150 block of W Atlantic StFenwick Island00
204406106/24/21200 block of N Rodney StWilmington01
204477606/24/21Bicentennial Blvd and Declaration DrDover00
204407406/23/21400 block of River RdDover01
204405906/23/21Pleasant St and Franklin StWilmington01
204405506/23/212300 block of Bowers StWilmington01
204297206/22/21500 block of W 35th StWilmington10
204478006/22/21Greenlawn Blvd and Janvier DrMiddletown00
204226706/22/21Garfield Dr and Frear DrDover01
204227406/21/21400 block of New Castle AveDover00
204070906/20/21E 4th StSeaford (Blades)10
204067906/20/212300 block of Lamotte StWilmington01
204069306/20/211426 N Dupont HwyDover01
204130606/20/21700 block of Simon CirDover00
204068206/19/21700 block of W 5th StWilmington01
203964106/19/212400 block of N Market StWilmington01
203748406/17/21200 block of N Connell StWilmington01
203751006/16/21Fairway Lakes DrDover01
203629706/14/21Indian Runner RdFelton00
202975406/09/21W North St and Simon CirDover10
203058506/09/212900 block of N Madison StWilmington02
202975606/09/211025 Boxwood RdWilmington (Newport)00
202976306/09/21Circle DrMillsboro00
203740706/09/21200 block of Garden CtWilmington01
202975206/08/211300 block of Wilson StWilmington01
202915206/08/212200 block of N Washington StWilmington02
202871506/08/2150 block of Ethan Allen CtNewark11
202872506/07/21Lingo DrDover00
202756006/06/21300 block of W 9th StWilmington01
202755806/06/211200 block of W Third StWilmington10
202328806/03/212400 block of N Market StWilmington13
202457406/03/21900 block of Woodcrest DrDover01
203059406/02/21300 block of Cedar AveBelvedere10
202269706/01/21500 block of Clearbrooke BlvdSeaford00
202269306/01/21600 block of E 10th StWilmington01
202269106/01/211100 block of B StWilmington01
202270005/30/2150 block of Ann AveDover00
201947105/28/21Gordan Ave and Beeson AveWilmington (Edgemoor)01
201630105/26/2136000 block of Providence Church RdDelmar00
201749605/26/21700 block of Proctors Purchase RdHartly10
201630505/25/2150 block of Meehan AveNew Castle10
201507505/24/21201 S Heald StWilmington01
201234505/22/21800 block of N Pine StWilmington04
201333805/22/213900 N DuPont HwyNew Castle01
202872305/22/21W Springside DrMilton00
201435705/22/2130739 Sussex HwyLaurel00
203750705/22/211014 S Little Creek RdDover01
200997905/19/2150 block of Le Parc DrWilmington (Edgemoor)01
200788805/18/2150 block of Honolulu RdFrankford10
200677805/16/21500 block of Truitt AveMilford02
200569705/15/21900 block of Kirkwood HwyWilmington (Elsmere)10
200398605/14/21700 Mill Creek CtBear20
200512705/14/211534 S Governors AveDover10
200325005/12/21400 block of W 28th StWilmington01
200031505/09/21100 block of S New StDover01
199555105/03/21Mill StHarrington00
199348505/02/21W 26th St and N Madison StWilmington01
199212705/01/21800 block of N Pine StWilmington04
199015004/28/21700 block of Collins AveSeaford00
198870104/27/2150 block of W 27th StWilmington01
202379404/27/21Kenton Rd and Walker RdDover00
198847504/27/21700 Duck Creek PkwySmyrna30
198926404/26/216000 block of Slaughter Beach RdMilford00
198926904/26/2150 block of Denham AveKnollwood01
198926504/26/21133 S DuPont HwyNew Castle00
198803604/26/212200 block of N Pine StWilmington01
198675504/25/21392 Hopewell DrClayton30
198677304/25/21600 block of E 10th StWilmington01
198714004/24/21Saint Georges TerraceBear01
198617704/24/21300 block of W 26th StWilmington10
198522204/23/21300 block of Concord AveWilmington20
198487904/22/2127000 block of Daisy LnSeaford00
198409004/20/2150 block of Saint John DrWilmington01
198036004/17/21I-95 and Martin Luther King Jr BlvdWilmington01
198036404/15/2134000 block of Sports DrMillsboro01
197923504/15/21400 block of Buttonwood StWilmington02
197802604/14/21S Little Creek RdDover02
197802104/14/212300 block of Carter StWilmington02
197648404/13/21940 N Pine StWilmington12
198339204/12/21600 block of Concord AveWilmington00
197642204/12/21400 block of Sussex AveDover10
197476204/11/2119 Chestnut Hill PlazaNewark00
197304104/07/21Daniel St and Wilson StLaurel01
196904804/04/21100 block of Fox Hunters RdHarrington00
196826004/02/21200 block of W 19th StWilmington10
196761204/01/213600 block of Williamsville RdHouston00
196675703/31/21300 Aurora PlMilford01
196676603/31/21Sandbox Rd and Milford Harrington HwyMilford10
196537603/30/21200 block of Maryland AveWilmington01
196538303/29/21Lancaster Ave and Clayton StWilmington01
196537403/29/21190 Salem Church RdNewark00
196449603/29/21400 block of Bradford StWilmington01
198239303/26/21200 block of Greenwich DrDover01
196239103/25/21Danny DrSeaford10
195500703/16/21700 block of N Washington StWilmington10
195407903/15/21W 4th St and N Adams StWilmington01
195409103/13/21Prospect AveNewark00
195007303/10/21100 block of Duet CtDover01
194797403/08/211300 block of E 27th StWilmington01
195561103/07/21200 block of Cherry StWilmington00
194177203/01/21W 26th St and Northeast BlvdWilmington01
194078702/28/214115 N DuPont HwyDover01
194079102/28/2121 S Little Creek RdDover04
194038002/26/21101 Clifton Park CirWilmington10
193921102/26/21600 block of E 22nd StWilmington11
193742102/23/21100 block of Mifflin RdDover00
193741702/23/21Tranquility LnGeorgetown00
193530802/21/21500 block of E 6th StWilmington01
193530202/21/212900 block of Bowers StWilmington01
194438702/19/21Naughty Ln and Vincent CirMiddletown00
193281902/18/21400 block of North StMilford01
193282502/18/21Woodland DrSeaford00
193013702/16/211200 block of Flanders WayNewark (Christiana)10
193013202/15/21W 10th St and N Madison StWilmington02
192912602/13/21400 block of River RdDover01
192720802/12/2150 block of Carlisle RdNewark20
192423602/08/21800 block of W 4th StWilmington01
192325302/07/21C St and Townsend StWilmington01
192212002/06/211119 S College AveNewark01
192265102/06/21240 Chapman RdNewark00
192135602/04/21600 block of W 27th StWilmington01
192135802/04/212800 block of N Claymont StWilmington01
192014302/02/2150 block of Birkshire RdNew Castle01
191723101/30/21300 block of Milford-Harrington HwyMilford00
191576701/30/2150 block of 3rd AveClaymont10
191587201/29/21900 block of N Spruce StWilmington10
191402401/27/213100 block of Abec LnFelton00
191313901/25/21Concord Plaza and Silverside RdWilmington01
191106401/24/2150 block of Highland BlvdNew Castle12
191011001/24/21100 block of E 24th StWilmington01
191105701/23/2141 Winterhaven DrNewark02
191010301/23/21Park CirSeaford10
190708201/20/21E 8th St and N Pine StWilmington03
190677901/19/2112000 block of N Old State RdEllendale00
190586201/18/211213 West AveNew Castle00
190346601/16/211100 block of W 5th StWilmington01
190235001/14/21800 block of W 8th StWilmington01
190165001/13/21800 block of N Monroe StWilmington11
190103901/13/21Rosemont Ave and E 24th StWilmington10
190104301/12/21132 Christiana MallNewark01
190008701/11/212800 block of N Claymont StWilmington10
190009401/10/211050 S Market StWilmington00
189710901/07/21402 Ogletown RdNewark02
189802801/07/21Sandtown RdFelton00
189584101/05/211100 block of White Oak RdDover00
189502601/04/21W 7th St and Washington StWilmington01
189503301/04/212600 block of Stevenson DrDover01
189326301/03/211426 N DuPont HwyDover01
189310301/02/212900 block of Northeast BlvdWilmington01
189174901/01/21415 Stanton Christiana RdNewark01
Incident IDIncident DateAddressCity Or County# Killed# Injured
Pending05/20/22200 N. Harrison St.Wilmington01
230667405/18/223000 Forrest AveDover01
230563005/17/2222000 Deepbranch RdGeorgetown10
Pending05/17/222600 Northeast BlvdWilmington02
230420305/16/222400 block of N Madison StWilmington01
230335505/15/222400 block of Jessup StWilmington01
230420505/14/2210 block of E 38th StNew Castle01
230033905/11/22100 Blocks of S New StWilmington01
230033505/11/222300 block of N Pine StWilmington01
229935505/10/22400 Block of Barrister PlDover02
229833805/09/22501 Holly Brook ApartmentsLaurel01
229864305/09/22600 block of West StWilmington10
229742405/08/22900 block of E 24th StWilmington01
229640405/07/22S Governors Ave and Minor St AlleyDover01
229492205/05/221300 block of Anchorage StWilmington10
229493305/04/222150 Melson RdWilmington01
229186804/30/221200 block of N Walnut StWilmington01
229086404/29/222100 block of N Pine StWilmington01
228997804/27/22E 23rd St and Pine StWilmington01
228868404/26/222300 block of N Madison StWilmington01
228616504/23/22800 block of E 26th StWilmington01
228015004/16/22107 W Loockerman StDover01
227979604/15/22800 block of E 22nd StWilmington01
227926804/14/22W 7th St and N Monroe StWilmington02
227564604/09/2228000 block of Mount Joy RdMillsboro01
227651604/08/221103 S Central AveLaurel01
227382204/07/2218000 block of Laurel RdLaurel10
226615303/30/221050 S Market StWilmington01
226275303/24/22Senator AveDover10
226208503/24/22891 S Dupont HwyNew Castle01
226087203/22/22300 block of S Heald StWilmington10
225743603/19/222100 block of Coastal HwyRehoboth Beach (Dewey Beach)10
225810303/19/22E 23rd St and Pine StWilmington01
225595003/16/22600 Block of N Jefferson StWilmington10
225595203/16/22500 block of S Van Buren StWilmington01
225208503/12/22200 block of W 7th StWilmington01
224595303/03/22200 block of Jeffrey DrMagnolia10
224348302/27/2215 Fox HallNewark02
224182002/25/22835 S Bay RdDover01
224223702/25/221300 Block of N Claymont StWilmington10
223941102/21/22700 block of Warner StWilmington10
223817602/20/225th St and Monroe StWilmington01
223942102/20/221252 Norman Eskridge HwySeaford10
223818302/20/2218766 John J Williams HwyRehoboth Beach10
223491102/15/22625 E 10th StWilmington10
223203402/11/2230 Highland BlvdNew Castle01
223317302/11/221202 Newport Gap PikeWilmington01
223201902/10/22900 Eden CirBear10
222801002/06/22S Caesar Rodney AveCamden Wyoming (Wyoming)10
222752402/04/22800 block of W 5th StWilmington01
222731602/03/22Allen Way and Tull WayMilford01
222430501/31/22400 block of S Jackson StWilmington01
222366701/30/221900 block of Prospect RdWilmington01
221891701/22/22100 block of South New StDover01
221810701/22/2222095 Dupont BlvdGeorgetown20
221688801/20/22N Lombard St and Shearman StWilmington02
221689101/20/22200 block of W 30th StWilmington01
221274601/15/226000 block of Halltown RdHartly01
220906001/10/22117 Wilton BlvdNew Castle01
220722501/07/22200 block of Harriet StDover10
220475501/05/22900 Vandever AveWilmington03
220565401/05/22E 24th St and Carter StWilmington01
220476301/05/22300 block of Liborio DriveMiddletown01


Help Detectives Solve Cases: You can also provide information to Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333 or

The Wilmington Police Department Victim Services Unit is available to provide support, information and referrals to those who are victims of crime, and can be reached at (302) 576-3622. Additionally, the WPD Youth Response Unit is available to provide free counseling and services to children and their families who have been exposed to potentially traumatizing events, and can be reached at (302) 576-3183

93 People Were Killed By Guns In Delaware In 2019.

Nearly 100 people in Delaware died by gun violence in 2019, an average of two people every week. This includes children and teens aged 0-19. SOURCE: THE EDUCATIONAL FUND TO STOP GUN VIOLENCE

48% Of Homicides Comprised Nearly Half Of All Gun Deaths.

Homicides in Delaware comprised nearly half of all gun deaths in 2019. SOURCE: THE EDUCATIONAL FUND TO STOP GUN VIOLENCE

87% Of Those Killed By Guns In Delaware Were Males.

87% of all gun deaths in Delaware were males. SOURCE: THE EDUCATIONAL FUND TO STOP GUN VIOLENCE



Nearly 100 people in Delaware died by gun violence in 2019, an average of two people every week. This includes children and teens aged 0-19.


11th Lowest Gun Death In The Country

In 2019, Delaware had the lowest gun rate death in the country, ranking at 11th. SOURCE: THE EDUCATIONAL FUND TO STOP GUN VIOLENCE

071521_Woman files federal lawsuit against the Delaware State Police_01

48% Of Suicides Comprised Nearly Half Of All Gun Deaths.

Suicides in Delaware comprised nearly half of all gun deaths. SOURCE: THE EDUCATIONAL FUND TO STOP GUN VIOLENCE

Police are investigating after a man was shot at the Best Night Inn on New Castle Ave.

New Castle County Had The Highest Gun Death Rate.

Among the counties in Delaware, New Castle County had the highest gun death rate. SOURCE: THE EDUCATIONAL FUND TO STOP GUN VIOLENCE



  • Suicides make up 51% of all firearm deaths in Delaware.
  • Nearly half of all suicides in Delaware are by firearm.
  • In 2019, there were 45 firearm suicide deaths in Delaware.
  • Delaware’s firearm suicide rate is lower than most states’ — in 2019, Delaware had the 10th lowest firearm suicide rate in the country.

If you or someone you know needs some support now, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or text “HOME” to 741-741.




Delaware State Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting in Dewey Beach that left one person dead. Police released details about the shouting at a 1:00 p.m. press conference at Troop 7 in Lewes.



New Castle County Police are investigating after two of their officers shot and killed a man in the city of Wilmington on January 13, 2021.



Police chase ends in police-involved shooting that led to criminal investigation with two juveniles arrested on December 12, 2020.


Delaware State Police say they have charged a Viola man with attempted murder after they say he engaged in an exchange of gunfire with Troopers. 28-year-old Ronald Cochran of Viola was charged with attempted murder and other related offenses following the officer involved shooting incident.


A Suspect wanted for attempted criminal homicide was shot by police at the Econo Lodge in Rehoboth Beach where he was hiding out on December 11, 2020.


An officer with the New Castle County Police Department is under investigation after discharging his weapon at a resident during a domestic disturbance investigation Sunday August 31, 2020.


Wilmington Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting after one of its officers discharged their weapon at a suspicious vehicle traffic stop at 11th & Walnut Streets in the city’s east side on April 13, 2020. The man, who was not identified is in stable condition.


New Castle County Police is investigating after one of its officers shot a pit-bull terrier that was charging at him on April 12, 2020.



A suicidal man displaying a handgun outside his Lewes residence was shot and killed by a Delaware State Trooper on Friday December 1, 2019.



New Castle County Police shoot and kill Man who tried to run them down with his vehicle and then pointed a gun at them.


Man who was involved in a shootout with Philadelphia Police was shot and killed by New Castle County Police after they say he tried to run several officers down with his vehicle.


Two state pursuit ends in officer-involved shooting death of suspect who tried to run down an Ocean View Police Officer on Saturday March 18, 2017.

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