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Police Violence Data

No Delaware Officer Have Ever Faced Charges

Of the 41 use of force incidents between 2013-2021, 40 of the cases reviewed by the Department of Justice, Civil Rights and Public Trust, or other outside investigative agency, were ruled justified, and 1 is pending. 

25 Were Armed With A Deadly Weapon

Only 24 of the 27 killed by police between 2013-2021 were actually armed with a deadly weapon such as a gun or knife which can cause great bodily harm and/or death. Other types of weapons were used to threaten or attack an officer.

Delaware Police Have Shot & Killed 27 People

Of the 41 people Delaware Police have killed between 2013-2021, 27 of them died from a police officer’s gun and 2 from a police officers taser. That’s 29 people who have died as a result of a police-citizen interaction.

Widespread protests in response to the murder of George Floyd in summer 2020 brought the issue of American police violence and acts of police brutality into worldwide public attention.

Police violence, however, is not new, and it exists in a long historical continuum of inequities within law enforcement and the criminal legal system. Biased policing practices, militarization of law enforcement, and mass incarceration have been long standing issues that disproportionately impact Black and Hispanic/Latino communities.

Police violence harms the physical and psychological health of entire communities, and it fuels cycles of distrust in the criminal legal system that contributes to increased community gun violence. Addressing police violence is essential to addressing Delaware’s persistently high gun homicide rate. When police violence involves the unjustified threat and use of a firearm, it is a form of gun violence and Delaware Newsline/DNTV Live is tracking that violence.


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2017 & 2020 Saw The Highest Use Of Force

From 2013-2021, 2017 and 2020 saw the highest use of force incidents in the state totaling 8 incidents for each year with 2018 having the lowest. However, it’s important to note that use of force have been declining since 2018.

Almost All Police Encounters Are Males

Of the 41 people who had an encounter with Delaware police from 2013-2021, 40 of the individuals were males and one was a female. Sadly, of the 41 encounters, only 13 of them survived their injuries.

Only 6 Officers Was Equipped With A Body Worn Camera (BWC)

Of the 41 people Delaware Police have killed or wounded between 2013-2021, only 6 of the officers involved in a use of force incident was equipped or used their Body Worn Camera (BWC). That’s only 14% of the total use of force incidents.

Delaware Law Enforcement Use Of Force

Jan 22
Evan Chandler (20) & Alistair Dipasquale (23)

[2 WOUNDED]: According to New Castle County Police spokeswoman Tracey Duffy, During a home invasion investigation, “Officers responded to the scene and while approaching the residence encountered suspects who brandished firearms.  The officers confronted the suspects and began giving commands during which time the suspects failed to comply.  The officers then discharged their weapons striking one male suspect.”

Mar 06
Andrew Edelmann (22)

[1 Killed, 1 Wounded]: Pursuant to an active drug investigation, Officers attempted to apprehend Edelmann, however, he ignored their commands., police said. 

“As Edelmann attempted to evade apprehension, he accelerated his vehicle and drove in the direction of officers.” Said police spokeswoman Tracey Duffy.  “An officer in close proximity to the Santa Fe, discharged their weapon striking both Edelmann and a 21-year-old female passenger.”

Apr 12
Unknown Male (35)

[1 Wounded]: At approximately 8:46 a.m., Wilmington Police officers were dispatched to a residence in the 600 block of South Heald Street after receiving a 9-1-1 call about a suicidal subject armed with a knife who was actively stabbing himself. Upon arrival, officers made contact with the suspect, a 35-year-old male. The suspect refused verbal instructions to drop the knife and advanced towards a police officer, at which point that Wilmington Police officer discharged their department-issued firearm, striking the suspect once.

41 Use Of Force Incidents From 2013-2021

Between 2013-2021, police had 41 encounters with individuals either through traffic stops or calls for service, which ended with 27 killed and 14 others wounded.

90% Use Of Force Incidents Were During Domestic Violence CFS

Between 2013-2021, 90% use of force incidents was a result of a police officers interaction during a domestic violence investigation, traffic stops comes in at 80%. 

Threat Level Towards Officer Prior To Use Of Force

Between 2013-2021, 15 times an individual raised a weapon at the officer prior to the officer’s use of force.

Remembering Those Killed By Police


The above gallery is not complete as some families of victims prefer to remain anonymous and prefer not to share the life story of their lost loved one. If you would like to share your story and/or image of someone you may have lost due to police violence, please contact us here.

State Police Ranked The Highest Among All Others.

Of the 42 people killed or wounded by Police between 2013-2021, State Police ranked the highest among all other agencies totaling 17 excessive force incidents.

People Of Color More Likely To Have A Police Encounter.

Of the 41 people that have been killed or wounded by police in Delaware, 18 were black, 16 were white, 1 was Hispanic, and 5 was of an unknown race.

NCC Has The Highest Use Of Force Incidents.

Between 2013-2021, New Castle County ranked the highest in the state in terms of police violence, with 21 excessive force incidents. 

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